20 Awesome Ways To Earn Extra Money

20 Awesome Ways To Earn Extra Money
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Introduction: There are ALWAYS ways to make money

I was recently shocked to read a highly negative opinion that “many people have no way to earn more money”. Not only is this completely false (except perhaps in cases of severe ill health) but it’s not the kind of attitude that’s going to get you far! In truth, there are a mountain of ways to earn more money, that are available to all kinds of people.

I thought it would be helpful for people to get as many money-making ideas as possible, so I compiled a list. There are a diverse range of ideas here and hopefully “something for everyone”.

Some are in the category of “extra money” rather than bread-and-butter – but in truth this is more often a question of how hard you go at it and how big you scale your operations. It’s up to you; your patience, brilliance and determination. If you can do more work than other people, you can often earn more. If you can create a system or network that empowers many people and gets them all to work on the same project, you might be able to create an empire.

Here are 20 superb ideas to bring in some cash. We’ve made it our goal to include something for people from all walks of life:

1. Sell Some Of Your Old Stuff On eBay

Most people have items they no longer really need – and it never ceases to amaze me that so many people here in the good ole’ USA have basements stuffed to the ceiling full of things they will probably never actually use again.

Many of these items are potential candidates for selling on eBay. Think in particular about items that are smaller, not too fragile, easy to mail, and would fetch over $50. Sort out your stuff, get rid of your junk and take a bite out of your money problems at the same time. I did this and it worked really well for me. Bigger items could possibly be sold locally on craigslist.com. And I’m sure there are still companies that will sell your stuff for you on eBay for a percentage if you have other things to do.

You’d be amazed at what you can sell on eBay. I once sold a dead laptop on eBay! I explained with absolute clarity that the computer was dead as a doorstop, that some of the parts may or may not be working, and that I made no guarantees whatsoever. I sold it and received positive feedback from the buyer – because they knew what they were getting and were obviously planning to “scrap” the computer and salvage some working parts.

Tip – I always select the “buy now only” option when selling on eBay. I find I get more, quicker sales that way – so long as the item is priced to sell – in other words just under the “going rate”. Many serious buyers prefer to buy there and then when they have decided they want something. They don’t want to wait for a few days and see if they won (or up their bid).

Another thing that’s hugely important is being a “good seller”. Always be meticulously honest when describing your items and any flaws they may have, package your items impeccably with excellent padding, and follow through well with communications and transaction details. You want that good feedback. I have 100% positive feedback from well over 100 transactions and the amount of trust it builds is invaluable.

You might even be able to clear out enough space with all the junk you get rid of, that you can also free up some space and make some money renting it out (see no. 5 below). And there’s also potential to create an “eBay store” and turn buying and selling on eBay into a business.

2. Teach Others What You Already Know

Everyone has developed and acquired skills and knowledge of some kind. You can make money from these. Possible monetization options to investigate include one-on-one tuition, giving workshops or lectures, creating PDF “how-to” documents, creating a “free tips” type blog or web site which features some advertising.

Many people have amassed great expertise or experience of some kind, and if you are one of these, another fantastic option is consultancy. True experts in their field can often make great fees as consultants helping others to success.

3. Asset Consolidation

Asset management – putting what you already have to work – is one of the real “secret keys” to wealth. Many people have assets sitting around “doing nothing”; so consider trading in assets that are not making you much money for assets that will earn greater revenue. This could be anything from a stock that is going nowhere through to an old painting that is gathering dust in the attic – and funneling that cash into an investment or business opportunity. Also, do not leave money lying around idle – put it to work, invest it!

4. Content Libraries

There are many content libraries – such as Shutterstock and Fotolia which enable you to upload digital content (in the case of shutterstock and fotolia, this is photos – but there are other options out there such as audio content).
You then profit every time this content is downloaded. This could be a wonderful way to earn some extra cash. If you have a good digital camera and some photography skills, there is unlimited potential here. Can you think of imagery that is rare in other places but common in your location?

5. Rent Out A Room

Clear out that spare room and find a tenant! Be careful to find a good, respectful person and you have a great source of additional revenue. Background checks are valuable. Also, if you work for a big multinational corporation, the kind that often flies people around, you may be able to earn money making rooms available to people who work for the company. Another option, if you live in a picturesque or touristy area, is to consider creating holiday or B&B accommodation. Other options to consider, if feasible, include renting garage, workshop or studio space.

6. Work From Home / Your Computer

There are many genuine ways to do this. Web / graphic design, data entry and other computer work, proofreading… there are plenty of options. What are you good at?
Internet opportunities not only have huge potential but can be especially valuable for people who need to stay at home or are limited in some ways in mobility. I once injured my back and could barely walk. I could not do my regular work for a month. But I could sit at my computer and type! Some people have children and need to keep one eye on them – so this kind of work might be perfect for them also. Others already have work-from-home businesses and may be looking to earn extra money on the side.

There is much freelance work available. Here are more options to investigate for freelance computer warriors, coders and designers:
Onlinejobs.ph (Philippines)

7. Busk

(Note – being a street performer in some locations may not be legal or may require a special permit, please check.)
If you have circus skills, are a great instrumentalist, or are a theater performer of some kind, street performance can be a fantastic way to earn some extra money. You have to be able to impress. You also gain a huge amount of exposure to your work this way and it may also be possible in theory to use it as an opportunity to sell CDs, promote performances / sell tickets, or collect names for an email list – to whom you can then promote further music / shows / etc.

8. Create and sell art and crafts

From making clothes through to making candles, carving wood through to making stained glass, there are many avenues for the crafty. A good thing about this is that you can do it small-scale – and turn an enjoyable pastime into a way to make some extra cash.
An option for artists is to approach businesses (typically small retail or cafes, but there are many options here so be creative) offering them a percentage of sales in return for hanging their paintings.

This is a tougher game than it used to be in developed nations: One of the challenges of making crafts is that you are competing head to head with foreign imports of products that are made far cheaper than yours can be. But then, you don’t have to do it all yourself: I have friends who have successful businesses designing clothing and jewelry and having it manufactured in Bali.

9. Ask For A Raise

The first step towards this, obviously, is in doing excellent work. The next step might simply be to ask for it – have you actualy asked? If the answer is no, don’t give up: You could try “So, what would I need to do in order to get this raise?” Done in the right way, this can demonstrate great ambition, drive, value. You are the kind of person who they want to keep around – this is what you need to “sell” here.

10. Develop A New Business

The sky is the limit here, but the initial concept is simple: First you need to have something that people greatly want or need – whether it is skills, or the ability to create certain items. Everyone has something to offer. The trick to generating interest is in focusing on creating high value, and on working in markets that are growing and have real potential.

11. Get an extra part-time job

You know it’s true: There is always work that needs doing. One of the key skills here – ask for it! One tactic I have pursued very successfully on several occasions in the past is to send a mass email out to my entire list of friends and family simply asking for work, listing what I am interested in doing and seeing who is interested. Another tactic is to use spare time such as a lunch hour simply approaching businesses and straight-up asking if they have any work. There’s also the option of “odd jobs”: Mow lawns, clean, wash cars, do dump runs or deliveries. There is unlimited potential for the driven and industrious to succeed.

12. Garage / yard sale

If you are like most people, you have a basement, attic or even whole rooms full of clutter. Get rid of it. You can also free up your storage space and potentially save even more money this way! Team up with your neighborhood to hold a big yard sale, a lot more people show up that way. Another yard sale strategy – if you are an expert in spotting valuable items, you can buy from yard sales and sell on eBay. As they say, ‘The money is made on the buy, not the sell.’

13. Collect recycling

Instead of just handing it in, consider that there are organizations that will pay for separated recycling. It might seem “low status” to some – but you’re helping the environment and therefore your children’s children. What could possibly be higher status than that? Aluminum cans fetch a particularly good price.
Here in California, most beverages other than milk, wine, and distilled spirits are subject to California Refund Value (CRV). If you see a symbol that says CA CASH REFUND or CA CRV, the container is eligible to be recycled for cash.
The current rate is 5¢ for most glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans less than 24 ounces. 10¢ for equal to 24 ounces and larger.

14. Collect missing money owed to you

Missingmoney.com is a famous web site that enables people to search for money that may be due to them. An amazing number of people find money that is due to them this way.

15. Teach English Online

Another work-from-home option – teaching English. I met a lady who teaches English online using Skype. She basically chats in English with professionals in other countries, some of whom are very highly educated, and they pay her a fantastic hourly rate, I think it is around $40/hr. She gives them a great opportunity to practice real conversation with a native speaker and they pay for her time.

16. Sell produce or flowers from your garden at a local market or store

Something for the gardeners and green-thumbs among you. Often, local stores will be delighted to take locally grown produce. One note – be aware of Codex Alimentarius – there may be important paperwork that needs to be taken care of. I’m not sure of the full details of this and it may only apply to those generating larger revenues – but in truth I admit this is not my area of expertise and I don’t know. Be sure that what you are doing is above board.

17. Youtube

If you have the knack of making videos that are highly useful or entertaining, this one is for you. Youtube has now become a fully-fledged business model for numerous people.
What many don’t realize is that Google pays a portion of the advertising revenue to the video owner and the advertisers pay based on the number of times the ad is displayed. Essentially, you get paid for how many views you get.
So, you need to create something that goes viral, ideally. Now that is a whole art and science in and of itself – but much of the “hard data” on what will work for you can be seen by observing what has worked for others. It’s rumored that they guys who created the silly video of a “Cat on a Roomba” made enough money to buy a house.

18. Put Advertising On Your Web Site

If you have a web site that gets some decent traffic, try putting Adsense ads on it. If you use Adsense, pay very careful attention to the terms of use, and you’ll start earning money while you sleep. There are numerous Ad systems and the more traffic you generate, the more willing they will be to pay you for access to it. If you have traffic, internet Advertisers WILL contact you out of the blue offering you deals.
There are plenty of tips online for how to maximize Ad revenue which are worth further research – but the best simple advice I can give is this; Create high quality content and generate interest in your pages through having something people really want. Another Ad system that I think is very worthwhile is Clickbank. You can choose products to be an affiliate for, and Clickbank’s system has some very sophisticated automation features that truly make automated revenue a possibility.

19. Pet Sitter

Funnily enough, I am actually doing this one right now as I type! My friend is on vacation and his dog is asleep in the garage. We have a large area out back with a high fence – and all I really have to do is check up on the dawg and give him some “human time” a few times a day, take him for a walk, feed him according to instructions and with food provided, and make sure his water bowl is topped up.

It’s easy money for me, this one – and my friend is happy knowing his Best Friend is with someone who will be nice to him. This could be ideal if you love animals, have a calm, kind temperament and enjoy / have experience and skill working with them. I love dogs and lived with them from as early as I can remember through to when I moved out of my parents house! I found a great article with more details on this here.

20. Sell something on Fiverr

This is truly an opportunity that is open to pretty much anyone with a computer. Looking at the top bar of fiverr.com you can see what people will do for 5 bucks. All kinds of things. One of the best tips would be to create a digitally downloadable product such as a tutorial PDF
that you can then send someone for $5. Fiverr.com keeps I think 10% of the revenue, leaving the seller with $4.50 – a great deal.


Well, there it is. I hope you have seen from this that there really are a mountain of possible ways to earn more money. Often, people say they cannot make more money. Perhaps they just needed some fresh ideas, passion and the motivation to give up some of their leisure time. I hope you’ve found some here. You’ll never do anything if you sit around making excuses or saying “I can’t”. You can! Now get going…

© 2009

Maximum Effort, Minimum Gain

“It takes relentless self-discipline to schedule suffering into your day, every day, but if you do, you’ll find that at the other end of that suffering is a whole other life just waiting for you.” — David Goggins.

Let’s set the record straight here once and for all. I am officially not in the “4 Hour Work Week” school of thought. Nope, not me.

I have never known anything worthwhile to be built on the back of a 4 hour work week.

Have you?

The 4 Hour Work Week is selling you a ticket to your own destruction, and you will buy it, excitedly, thinking you are doing something smart.

Now I am not against smart planning, good moves and good logistics. But there is a problem here: The promotion of the ideal of the “easy life”.

Minimum effort, maximum gain baby! How seductive it sounds! It’s almost like a credit card. “Have it all now, pay for it later” – applied to your entire life!

Why work hard? Only stupid people do that. You could be SMARTER THAN THEM and just…. outsource all of it! Yay! Hire someone more impoverished than you and just hand the work over to them. Done! They will unburden you… and you can go to the beach!

Now I love freedom, but at a certain point you have to ask yourself “Freedom to do what?” and perhaps even more importantly “Freedom to BECOME what?”

Because what you do is what you become.

On his rise to stardom, legendary concert pianist Franz Liszt practiced all day. He would not even go to family meals, receiving his food at the door and returning to the piano.

The result of his self-imposed hours of torturous scales and repetitive exercises?

He is now widely regarded as perhaps the greatest pianist who ever lived. He once wrote in a now-famous letter to a friend:

“…my mind and fingers have been working away like two lost spirits… Homer, the Bible, Plato, Locke, Byron, Hugo, Lamartine, Chateaubriand, Beethoven, Bach, Hummel, Mozart, Weber, are all around me. I study them, meditate on them, devour them with fury; and in addition I spend 4 to 5 hours practicing exercises (thirds, sixths, octaves, tremolos, repeated notes, cadenzas, etc. etc.) Ah! Provided I don’t go mad you will find an artist in me! Yes, an artist such as you desire, such as is required nowadays!”

Now – do you think he would have left a lasting legacy if he had adopted instead the principles of the 4-Hour Work Week?

No. It would never have happened. He would have been a nobody. A nothing.

We would not even know his name.

This is simply how it is. The sky is the limit, but only if you are prepared to pay the price. Franz Liszt is not an isolated case. ALL the greats pushed the needle way into the red with their level of effort. We can observe everywhere that people who have had true success have always had an incredible work ethic. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Elon Musk, we see greatness forged by a willingness to embrace sheer industry and pure will power that outpaces the entire field and leads from the front.

Of course, you still have to attack the right mountain. The one where the gold is. Just be prepared to make the commitment.

There are ways to make easy money – in the short term. But that’s all it is, and it never lasts.

Think about what happens when you while you are “enjoying life” and working your 2-hour day. Not only are you not growing and not improving, but you are going backwards.

You are coasting and becoming ever more accustomed to taking the easy option in everything you do. The result? You get progressively softer and weaker.

Then, all too soon, the easy ride is over (this always happens, I promise you)… and you are washed up on the shore.

You abdicated. And now your competition is eating your lunch.

I know that these kinds of post are not the way to an easy, fast, successful blog.

Because nobody wants to read this. Nobody wants some preachy article telling them “It is insanely difficult and you will suffer and be tormented and beat down again and again.” They want someone to tell them “It’s easy. Just buy my course, work 20 mins per day, then you are done! Congratulations, pop in your credit card number and you can go to the beach.”

Who could blame you? I love the beach too.

In my early 20’s I explored the freewheelin’ lifestyle. I went to festivals. I partied. I did all sorts of things, some of which I am not proud of.

Net result? Sure, I had a fun ride for a while, and it would be hard for me to argue against experiencing an adventurous, free-spirited lifestyle at least once in your life. Some fantastic memories…. but in truth, nothing tangible was built during that time other than fun memories that are becoming ever hazier. Did it really happen?

When you are older, you will probably find yourself looking back and wishing you had made different choices. More than anything else, I regret every health damaging thing I did in that period of youthful folly. This matters, I can promise you. Anything that harms your health and wastes precious time will be deeply regretted and there will come a time when you will wish you hadn’t done it. After freewheeling for a while, I ended up broke, struggling, unhealthy, confused… and I had to build everything I have now from the ground up.

Nothing I achieved since then came the easy way. It came on the other side of a wall of monumental effort, 16 hour work days and suffering.

Minimum effort, maximum gain? Time to flip it around.

If you seek maximum effort, minimum gain – what happens?

Yes, you will struggle. Yes, you will suffer. But what will become of YOU?

You will become stronger. Tougher. More skilled. More knowledgeable.

You will be forged in the fire of your industry into the best version of yourself you could possibly be.

And that is the foundation of all true success.

What would you prefer? The shortcut to the big house on the hill, or to be forged from tempered steel?

Those are your options.

I do believe that a huge subset of the problems of our entire civilization are based on this modern “entitled” thinking surrounding “minimal effort, maximal gain”. Society is advocating this kind of behavior! People are, sadly, seduced nowadays by the idea of taking the shortcut – and it’s become a “cultural norm”.

Everyone wants to stick it to the man and be in the big house on the hill asap. We are trained to see that as “goals”. Arguing that it is not in fact goals, is going to meet with a wall of protest!

Let me be clear about something. I am not arguing against entrepreneurship and being your own boss. I am just arguing against the idea that this is going to be an easy ride.

I am also not against outsourcing. I do it. But I do it so that I can work on other stuff.

I totally get why people want to “stick it to the man”. We were all born into a system that doesn’t give a fuck about us and wants to enslave us.

Just be sure that when you are sticking it to the man, you are not sticking it to yourself. Think about it.

You can make amazing money with an internet based business. Money that blows out of the water what you could earn with a job. There is truly no glass ceiling on the internet. But just prepare yourself mentally. If you want a better view, you have to climb a higher mountain. Real success is going to be a serious climb with vertical rock faces and going way beyond your comfort zone again and again and again.

And if you want lasting success in business, you need to deliver higher value than the competition. You can’t deliver value without effort – and so all those “fake guru courses” telling you that you can get rich without delivering genuine, competitive value, are lying to you.

How much genuine value are you really going to create on four hours per week?

Not much.

Go against these ideas if you want. Go for it! Take the day off! A year off!

But just remember: While you are doing this, your competition is out there, putting in maximum effort. Working longer hours than you. Grinding harder than you.

Who’s gonna win?

It’s obvious isn’t it.

Getting too much, too easily is not an advantage. It makes you soft, weak and lazy and you never reach your maximum potential.

Who’s still here? That’s who I want on my team. The ones who are ready to tear down the walls to true success with their bare hands if need be. Let’s go!!

Now get out there and make today count.

Where To Get FREE Images For Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram And More: Giant List Of Places To Find Public Domain Images

Where To Get FREE Public Domain Images For Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram And More - The ULTIMATE Guide
Graphic © makingwealth.info. Source image © Shutterstock (under license)

For success with social media, good images are practically a requirement. Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and many other social network sites are image focused – however even on video sites such as Youtube, images are of high importance because your thumbnail is one of the key factors in getting the click and getting your video viewed. The great news is that there are tons of sources for Public Domain Images.

You need access to a library of high quality images. While stock photo sites such as Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe Stock and others contain fantastic images, these are not free; and so for the person starting out, one of their licensing plans may be out of reach. Public domain content can be used in just about any manner – edited, printed and ‘remixed’ to your heart’s content. On this page I have compiled a giant list of sources of public domain images. If you know of more, please add them in the comments so that they can be included in our list.

Name Notes License Info Page
http://pixabay.com These are all CC0 = free to use!
http://pexels.com These are all CC0 = free to use!
http://unsplash.com These are all CC0 = free to use!
Important – not all images on Google images are public domain! Use with caution. To find the images from Google images that are listed as Public Domain – go to Tools > Usage Rights > Labeled For Reuse With Modification
Wikimedia commons, public domain https://commons.
Lots of super yummy food pics!! Their license gives proof of public domain CC0 status https://www.
http://stocksnap.io “every single photo on this site is CC0” – perfect. Just be sure to note that the paid placements such as shutterstock images at the top, are not free https://stocksnap.io/license
www.archive.org this is a massive site and has all kinds of things, some CC0, some not, so sources would need to be verified
https://freestocks.org All images CC0 freestocks.org/
https://pxhere.com CC0
really useful site!!!!! All CC0
https://focastock.com CC0 https://focastock.com/license/
http://morguefile.com smaller site but images are free https://morguefile.com/license
some good ones but lots of weird old stuff. All the sidebar images are paid. Not that great a site honestly.
kaboompics.com free for commercial use with a few small caveats. Some good images, smallish site. no model release, no stock use kaboompics.com/
5,000 free photos and 8,000 free cliparts
http://photos5.com 4729 (and counting) public domain pictures free for any use.
The images are all in the public domain and are free for anyone to use in any way with just a couple of exceptions.
Creative Commons Images can be used but require under a creative commons license, which has some restrictions. In particular, attribution and license must be attached correctly (CC1, CC2, CC3 etc)
wikipedia.org some images are public domain, others are creative commons (needs the correct link) creativecommons.org/
some images are public domain, others are creative commons (needs the correct link) https://commons.
some pics are wikimedia commons, some public domain
www.youtube.com/ run a search, then go Filter > Creative commons. You will see there are a lot that allow re-use!!! You have to credit them though