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Learn The Secrets Of Income Automation From An Internet Millionaire
Who Makes Money With 10+ Passive Income Streams…

This course is probably the ULTIMATE guide to passive income available in the world today!

There’s nothing like it. It is the culmination of 15 years in the field.

You get 20 amazing modern passive income methods. Each one giving you a full rundown explaining how it works, with all the tips and techniques you need to get started. Everything revealed. Nothing held back.

Total cost? $37.

One time payment.

That’s $1.85 per method.

A method that could give you financial freedom for $1.85??

This is the information you need.

The Goal: Freedom

helicopter view

Let’s look at the bigger picture. The financial “helicopter view” of your life. Take a moment to visualize that.

The goal of your career and your business ventures – no matter what they are – is to reach the point where you no longer have to work, but still have plentiful ongoing money coming in.

To have enough wealth and assets working for you that you are all set – and can now spend the rest of your life doing what you love.

That, and having made a positive impact in the world, are really the twin hallmarks of success, in my view.

The goal of this course is to set you on that royal road and help you get there as smoothly as possible.

The Age Of Income Automation Has Begun


We are fortunate indeed to find ourselves alive in the time of the greatest opportunity that there has ever been.

It sounds crazy to say that, but it is absolutely true. This is it. Right now.

• Modern connectivity has brought the opportunity to reach billions of people to our fingertips.

• Incredible new creative tools are being birthed at astonishing pace and are available worldwide, cheaply or even free.

• Advancements in A.I. have made it possible to create professional-quality websites, digital products and apps without even needing to know a line of code.

• Stocks, cryptos and other investments can be traded from your mobile phone with a few taps of a finger.

• You can build a following of millions of people by sharing your knowledge, ideas – and even your daily life!

• Commissions can be earned as an affiliate – with millions of products available to choose from – without ever needing to touch the goods.

• You can hire people from anywhere in the world and outsource entire business systems while retaining full ownership!

All of this can be conducted from the comfort of your own home…

work from home

Or from your favorite cafe…

cafe laptop

Or from an Airbnb by the ocean…


Or from a cabin in the mountains…


…or from a yacht!!

That is FREEDOM. The real thing.

It’s astonishing.

We are in a gold mine, the likes of which has never been seen before!

Money While You Sleep


I already had the dream to be making money from my laptop over a decade ago.

But it was more than just a dream. I did it.

In 2012, after doing a huge amount of research, I created a 350-page book that illustrated 50 passive income methods.

It turned out to be the best move I ever made…

One of those methods – Facebook Fan Pages – stood out as having particularly big potential at the time. I ran with it, and in 2013, this happened:


On that peak day on the right (Dec 28th 2013) I made over $6,800 Adsense revenue in one day!

I then created a second income stream – by signing up as a Clickbank Affiliate; using social media traffic to build an email list and promote products to the list. As the email list grew, so did my Clickbank income. By 2016, it looked like this:


I’ve now gone on to generate over $2 million online with over 10 revenue streams, which have made me money while I sleep every single night for over 10 years.

My all-time Adsense earnings.

I’ve worked extremely hard during some phases of this mission, however I have also had periods of time where I made money completely passively – including right now.

The social media side of my business is about as close to fully automated as can be; generating around 10k-20k visitors per day to my websites with a few hours work per month.

This screenshot was traffic and revenue from my first ever truly viral Facebook post, generating over $10,000 in 4 days. November 2013.

I’ve had several further days where I used social media free traffic to generate over 300,000 pageviews (with corresponding big revenues) in one day:


All of these are genuine screenshots. This really happened.

I’ve had days where I woke up, checked my stats and had already made over $1,000 before even getting out of bed.

That was something. It was actually so liberating that it was strangely disorienting.

You truly know you’ve made it when you wake up whenever you want and think to yourself “What shall I do today?” 🙂

This Is Not Hype.

The world has changed.

Less than 50 years ago, none of this even existed – but now there are 22-year-olds and even teenagers retiring their parents, earning six figures a month from their laptops.

There are new multimillionaires “coming up from the streets” every day – starting from nothing.

It’s all there for the taking.

And this is only the beginning. There are spectacular, tantalizing possibilities ahead of us.

We Were Born To Do Much More Than Pay Bills And Die!


Back in the 1980’s, when I was a typical broke teenager… passive “auto pilot” income was simply not widely available.

Aside from a VERY small number of elite entrepreneurs and rock stars, the only people who had access to it were:

a) The already-rich “1%”, who earned enough to be financially free via their portfolio of assets – such as real estate and family money. That counts most of us out!

b) Retirees, who after 40+ years of careful (and very boring) frugality, finally reached the point at age 65 where they could take a pension, pay off the last of their mortgage and relax at last.

Too little, too late. But they resigned themselves to it, did their 9 to 5 and made the best of things… what other choice did they have?

This terrified me. It was a big part of what drove me towards being an entrepreneur. Anything seemed better than being a wage slave for 45 years and then dying. By God, is that all we were made for?

The word entrepreneur seemed like the only word that had any connection to the word hope.

And then I had an amazing stroke of good fortune

The Secret Knowledge


I found an incredible mentor, who changed my life more than he will ever know (may he Rest In Eternal Peace).

My mentor was extremely forward thinking, as well as being deeply spiritual. He was what you might call a “visionary”.

He had a personal reference library of over 20,000 books – including not only ancient history, but the most cutting edge forward thinkers – Michio Kaku, Ray Kurzweil (before they were famous) and many more.

He was also the only person I had ever met who had an internet connection! Bear in mind, this was the mid 1990’s: Before anyone had a mobile phone that could take a photo. Before Google even existed!

We were having deep discussions into the implications of artificial intelligence in 1998 – over 20 years before it became common knowledge!

He saw the future… and shared his visions with me.

He taught me that a new era of income automation was coming and that EVERYTHING about how money was made was about to change.

He was more right than he will ever know…

As a result of his influence, I became a professional researcher – and one of the main arenas I started researching was auto-pilot money making systems.

I knew that this was going to be big… and now it’s here.

Here Are Your 20 Passive Wealth Creation Modules:

This course – Auto Pilot Ca$h – is the culmination of everything I have learned about income automation over the past decade and a half!

These hand-picked “top 20” methods of generating auto pilot income are the ones I think will have the greatest revenue potential for you in the coming years:

(Sounds obvious – but most people are sitting on a “cash mountain” in the form of things they no longer need. This module teaches how to put that “dormant capital” to work making you money for the rest of your life! Including a list of places to sell used items fast, plus 28 surprising items you can sell on Ebay. I made over $12,000 doing this and it’s a great “starter method” that can free up cash for new ventures, investments or just getting rid of debt.)

(This astonishing method is generating six figures a month at the top end and has the potential to be highly passive, plus continue to generate income for years. FULL tutorial including an in-depth section full of ‘inside secrets’ on how to get videos to go viral by crafting thumbnails for maximum clickthrough!)

(You can now generate an ongoing income from making short video reviews of all sorts of consumer products! Top affiliates are making $20k a month with this – and it is not difficult! Getting accepted into the program has a few hoops to jump through, but I’ve done it and give a full breakdown of exactly what I did, plus which products are best to review.)

(50 ways to save potentially hundreds or even thousands per month – and then funnel those savings into profit-generating investments. I got amazing results with these.)

(Most people don’t yet realize that Telegram is poised to rule the messenger space, with over 800 million users now. Compared to other social media platforms, Telegram Channels can drive big, profitable traffic. I’ve dug in deep and have a ton of insights and action steps to share. Don’t miss this one!)

(Print on demand services allow you to upload designs and have them “automagically” turned into fantastic products such as t-shirts, mugs and art canvases! These connect directly with outlets such as Shopify, Etsy and Ebay, simplifying the process of creating your own goods and selling them – with all the fulfillment done-for-you. Full tutorial.)

(Airbnb can be a hassle unless you have property management. I learned an Airbnb automation system from friends who are doing it successfully and used it to fund the acquisition of two properties in the south of France, which are paying the mortgage completely hands off! This section also features a rundown of how the potentially very lucrative self-storage business operates – highly passive.)

(A clever way to create a “bridge” between service providers and those in need of services, that has immense potential.)

(How I am generating ongoing 100% passive income – literally without doing anything at all – from work I finished over 15 years ago. Insights into maximizing your royalty collection and how to earn license fees from selling the rights to use existing work.)

(Ways to create passive profits from an incredible treasure-trove of works that you are free to use commercially. Includes a giant list of resources where you can find literally millions of public domain materials!)

(The potential now for affiliates is absolutely gigantic, with millions of products and services worldwide that can be sold – especially (of course) using auto-pilot systems that permit ongoing revenue. This sector is booming like crazy and double-digit growth is expected to continue in the coming years.)

(How to upload your images, video clips, music, graphic designs, web templates and more to the best image libraries that can bring ongoing passive income. Full tutorial.)

(Yes, you can purchase businesses that already generate passive income, some of which require only a small amount of ongoing work to run! Here’s how.)

(Email sounds boring… until you learn that email newsletter “Morning Brew” was recently acquired for $75 million! Email marketing is in fact booming – experiencing massive year-on-year growth. Email is still one of the world’s big untapped gold mines. I’ve made mid six figures with email and have almost 10 years experience, so this module is a detailed rundown. I’m very excited about the money potential for this in the coming years!)

(SEO – search engine optimization – can be complex, however after years of delving into it I’ve identified what I think is by far the best SEO method in existence! I’ve had amazing success with this and it’s actually easier than other methods! Full tutorial including examples of 6-figure-a-month earners and many ideas for creating these “skyscraper” articles.)

(Another “sleeper” auto pilot income method! I was raving about this one in 2012 in my first book and sure enough, other entrepreneurs have now caught on. Watch this space closely, because there may be gigantic untapped “blue ocean” potential here as the world moves further into automated systems, QR codes and crypto payments.)

★ 17 – A.I. HUSTLES
(Massive potential here! This module has not only a huge list of the best free AI tools available, but also insights into how to use them to shortcut tedious work, create content FAST and generate passive income.)

(A method of creating a body of written work that sells on autopilot without even having to do the work yourself! 6 figure a month incomes at the top end here also. Detailed rundown of actual examples.)

(Money should be working for you rather than you just working for it! Stocks, savings, bonds, IRAs, critical metals and more… this module gives you a detailed rundown of the various forms of passive investments you can own, explaining how they work and illustrating the benefits of starting early.)

(Detailed insights from over a decade of hiring outsource workers and having hired approximately 100 persons in that time. Learning how to find and keep the rock star workers is an absolutely invaluable skill for automating your business! I give a full rundown of everything I have learned, this knowledge has the potential to make you a fortune and free up much of your time!)

Get all 20 modules now – for just $37:

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What’s NOT Included In This Course?

Crypto can of course make you money while you sleep, but it also has the potential for hideous losses. I just can’t wholeheartedly recommend it, because it has such high risk! I’ve had mixed fortunes with it: I made some gains with day trading and liquidity mining, but once lost over $40,000 in a pump-and-dump scam. Since then we have seen the FTX scandal, the Luna crash and the NFT bubble, as well as many other scams that experts didn’t see coming! It feels far too unsafe, so I left it out entirely.

FULL 60-DAY No Quibble 100% Refund Guarantee:


This guarantee allows you to study the entire course!

Too many course creators overcharge massively and don’t offer a full warranty. Totally unacceptable!

I actually believe in my materials and I care about your results.

I’m 100% confident that you are going to read it and be thinking “This is actually AMAZING.”

This is the information I wish I had had 15 years ago at the beginning of this journey. The things I learned the hard way, that I can help you with.

buy now

Buy Auto Pilot Ca$h now and let’s make those dreams come true. I’ll see you on the other side,



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