OFF GRID CA$H: 20 Ways To Make Money Outside The Matrix


Millions of people are dissatisfied with the “ordinary life” – and it’s very understandable.

It feels like being caught in a trap.

Stuck in “The System” – watching the best years of your life go by while you slave away, paying the bills and feeling like you are going round and round in an endless circle – just to exist.

Not even sure why you are still doing it.

Yearning for a more simple, fulfilling, self-reliant life.

Perhaps you’re interested in van life, a tiny home or a beautiful homestead… a cabin on your own plot of land, somewhere – away from the craziness.

Perhaps you want to be nomadic – free to roam, explore the world or just breathe real air in a pristine landscape.

You would do it tomorrow, if you could.

But one thing always gets in the way.


And nobody seems to have the answer on how to get past that obstacle – how to make money without “Selling your soul to the machine”. How to make money from where you want to be rather than where you HAVE to be.

Until now.

Welcome to Off Grid Ca$h!

This course is simple – and very reasonably priced. It provides 20 modules, each of which is a tutorial for a system of making money “Outside the matrix”.

Course created by someone (me) who has made over $2,000,000 revenue online in “real ways” (not by selling courses!) – entirely working from home and while traveling!

There are methods here that can be done anywhere, entirely from a laptop – so long as you have an internet connection. (also included is a full tutorial on how to get internet access in places where you normally can’t!)

There are also methods that can be done without an internet connection and without even needing to own a device of any kind!

Yes, this course includes high tech, low tech and “no tech” methods of making money!

This course costs only $37 – one time payment, no recurring billing nonsense. That’s just $1.85 per income method!

It’s all designed with one thing in mind: To help you live the way you want, where you want – and have that lifestyle work out on a financial level.

The “Holy Grail” of self reliance!

I’ve got you covered.

★ Here’s What’s In The Course ★

Each of these 20 modules is a digitally downloadable PDF file that contains a rundown of a different money making system, giving you the tools, techniques and insights you need to get started.

Here’s the list:

(How to document your off grid / traveling / alternative lifestyle and turn it into money. Potentially very lucrative! Includes a rundown of successful channels and detailed insight into how they achieved their success.)

(An interesting business model that has not only high demand from clients but a potential second income stream from creating stock footage and a third income stream from your own Youtube channel!)

(There is always work that needs doing and there are plenty of people who are looking for someone who will simply show up on time, work hard, look decent and be honest! Many of these local services have greater demand than supply. This module includes a big run-down of 17 ideas for local services.)

(If you are experienced in living off grid, survival skills, nomadic lifestyle, tiny house living etc., then you have probably picked up a ton of skills and useful knowledge that you can share with others. This module shares the insights I have learned running an Off Grid blog that has generated over $100,000 in advertising and affiliate revenue.

(There are endless avenues for the crafty now. This module focuses on where to sell your stuff, focusing mainly on Etsy but including several other options.)

(Includes details and ideas for any level of scale from “selling via the farm gate” and growing microgreens through to running an effective smallholding with a 6 figure annual turnover.)

(This module includes not only a rundown of the best freelancer platforms but a giant, detailed rundown of 35 of the best freelancer gigs, including some that pay over $100,000 per year!)

(Detailed tutorial on how to set up shop as an online mentor, including a big list of the best sites to promote your services)

(A method of making potentially very big income from global trade that can be run entirely remotely without needing to handle any products at all!)

(A mainstay of traveling and country folk for generations. Perfect for low-tech, outdoor summer adventures that are self-funding, or just to work hard and get some cash in hand.)

★ 11 – SOLAR POWER INDUSTRY (Installation, education + more)
(Detailed exploration of the opportunities within the mega-booming solar power sector – from becoming a certified installer to running a solar power blog!)

(This skill is in very high demand and one of the “techy” work-from-home skills that has the highest potential.)

(A “no-tech” method of making money that provides a valuable service. Includes a big list of items that can be recycled for cash, including some unexpected ones – and some ideas for ways to scale up and make bigger money in recycling.)

(How to design and sell journals, notebooks, planners and more – and use the power of viral social media to drive big sales. Includes a rundown of a low content books business that is generating an estimated $200,000 a month revenue!)

(Another “low tech” method. Tons of ideas including lists of items that can be sourced for low cost and sold for big profits!)

(Detailed tutorial on how Ebook creation is being used to generate amazing passive incomes of up to 6 figures a month!)

(A detailed rundown of this potentially extremely profitable method including special techniques for the major platforms and a rundown of 13 ways to monetize your short videos)

★ 18 – PRODUCT REVIEWS – Tiktok, Blog, YT, etc
(Systems and methods used to derive a revenue stream from the products you already use or have knowledge of.)

(Including a list of 25 post collapse trades – perfect “low tech” small businesses that can still generate prosperity “post-SHTF” as well as “pre-SHTF”!)

(Includes a full rundown of two printables businesses that have made millions of dollars!)

Why Learn From Me

The answer is simple, because I’ve both lived this lifestyle for years and made amazing money while doing it.

I’ve been exploring this lifestyle longer than some of you have been alive! 😉

I’ve also made it work financially. I’ve actually made over $2 million online, all while maintaining a high degree of independence.

I lived the nomadic life for several years – bouncing between the UK and USA. I’ve also lived ‘on the land and off the grid’.

You might know me as the owner of – a website where I share free tutorials on off grid living and self reliance.

I was an “early adopter” of solar power: I built my first photovoltaic solar power setup in 1996! In those days, there were no internet tutorials on solar power. The only way to learn was to talk to the few people who had done it – and experiment! I wish I had some photos. My first setup had a Solarex 80W panel, an old car battery from a scrapyard and a 400W Powerstar Inverter.

It was pretty primitive, but suddenly I had electricity… in the middle of nowhere. I was thrilled with what I had created and what it represented: Freedom.

Later I was able to scavenge some gigantic 6-volt deep cycle batteries from a scrapyard that had been part of a UPS (uninterruptible power system) for a big business. Those batteries were insanely heavy and had to be wheeled around on a cart, but they sure did last a long time on one charge. The company replaced them because they had reached the end of their allocated 5-year life, but in truth I think they had hardly been used because they held great charge (the number of cycles and the depth of discharge are generally more influential than the battery age when it comes to overall life).

Downsizing Actually Helped Me Get Wealthy

People associate wealth with a big house and an urban lifestyle, but the opposite is in some ways true. Especially now that you can be online pretty much anywhere. There’s no reason why you couldn’t run your business from a treehouse or a mountain cabin!

Fast forward a few years to 2008 and I was starting to create websites with tutorials and turn it into a “work from wherever” business. I had to get really creative to make it work.

When I was working on building my internet business, I deliberately downsized about as low as I could go. I lived in an old caravan trailer out back on my friend’s property. I paid them a small rent and had very low bills because of my “minimalist” lifestyle.

That caravan boiled in the California sun and sometimes I would wake up feeling very “cooked” after staying up til 4,5 or 6 in the morning working on my biz.

But I was moving forward – and this choice was in fact a game changer – because it permitted me to work part time to pay the bills and free up a lot of time to build websites, social media content and so on.

It was this content that caused my income to snowball to the point where I was consistently making 5 figures per month!

If I had had a normal house and had been paying normal rent, I would never have had enough time to do this.

And the strange thing is that I am sure this is quite deliberate. The ordinary life that is set out for a person is designed NOT to help them achieve their dream life, but to keep them “chained to the wheel” until they are too old to work any more.

It’s a brutal reality. I sensed all of this, which is why I made my “escape plan”.

In those days, it was really difficult. I didn’t really have anyone to learn all this from. I had to figure it out by myself.

But now I can pay it forward. This course contains all the insights I have learned plus a ton of research into new ways to make money.

The internet era has also created amazing new possibilities for explosive income growth. It can all be done much faster and more easily now than 10 years ago!

Mobility Rules

I’ve made sure that everything in this course can be done “remotely” – either from home or “on the road”.

You don’t need to be in town.

You don’t need to be tied to one place.

You don’t need to get stuck in traffic every day in order to make ends meet.

Finally, for the first time in history, there is a way to earn money pretty much anywhere.

And when it comes to survivalism – mobility rules.

If events are going sideways in one location, having the ability to continue to keep money flowing in will be a God-send.

Because you can simply leave. You don’t have to get caught in the crossfire.

FULL 60-DAY 100% Refund Guarantee


As with all my courses, this one comes with a full 60-day 100% refund guarantee.

If you are in the least bit dissatisfied, you can simply get your money back. No arguments, no fuss.

The only thing I ask is that if you refund, you delete the course from your computer.

I believe in my materials and stand by them. Years of work and experience have gone into this – and I want you to win!

Buy Off Grid Ca$h now and take that first step towards freedom! I’ll see you on the inside,


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