You’ve Known All Along It’s Tough To Be Successful

Youve Known All Along Its Tough To Be Successful
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You’ve known all along it’s tough to be successful. But you’d rather hear the fairy tales.

This quote reminds us that we can all too easily fall into the trap of “blue pill” thinking. A “blue pill” idea is one that is reassuring, comforting and tells us that things are easy. It sounds nice, and so people like to believe it because it has the “feelgood factor”. However critical evaluation tells us the opposite and “red pill” thinking is that which is closer to “harsh truth”. So for example a “fairy tale” might be “Learn to Master the piano in two weeks”. Now if this were really true, why would concert pianists need to practice many hours per day for decades in order to master their craft? Besides, if you don’t work very hard at something, you know that there is going to be someone else who is prepared to work twice as hard as you. You may even be more talented, but if you were practicing 30 minutes per day, do you think you would achieve more than someone who practices for 5 hours?

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