You’ll Only Achieve Success By Taking Massive Levels Of Action

You'll Only Achieve Success By Taking Massive Levels Of Action
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You’ll only achieve success by taking massive levels of action.

Fairly self explanatory but still incredibly important. Ask yourself directly: Are you taking massive action? Are you really giving it your best shot? Or are you running at half pace. It’s an illusion that success comes to us. We have to go to it. “Taking massive action” has become a modern mantra and I too can vouch for the fact that it is absolutely true. When I think back at the times I achieved the greatest success, it was not because something ‘fell into my lap’ or because of a piece of fortune. It was because I got so determined that I resolved to break down the wall with my bare hands if necessary. Once the willpower becomes so strong that it refuses to settle for anything but the best, once you are prepared to do whatever it takes, then great success can be achieved.

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