You Need These Skills To Succeed, Say Musk, Branson, Gates And Others

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The world is now entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution – which refers to an era wherein technology becomes embedded within societies and even the human body. Highlighting this era are emerging technology breakthroughs in various fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, The Internet of Things, 3D printing (aka. additive manufacturing), Big Data, and autonomous vehicles.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution or industry 4.0 is well on its way and will have a great impact on all careers. Developments in the fields mentioned above will transform the way we live and the way we work.

This article presents views and insights from titans of Industrial Revolution 4.0 on how and what people need to learn in order to thrive in a fast-changing landscape.

1. Jack Ma, founder of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba: Data Analysis

In an interview with CNBC in 2017, the Harvard reject turned multi-billionaire shared that employees who know how to analyze and apply data are at an advantage. Ma stressed the importance of data to human life in the future. He believes that skills associated with data and its analysis will be extremely valuable. The Chinese businessman’s opinions also resonate with Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet (Google), and Jonathan Rosenberg, an adviser to Google chief executive officer Larry Page. [1]

2. Richard Branson, British mogul and founder of the Virgin Group: Communication

The philanthropist understands the importance of communication in business and life. According to Branson, communication is like riding a bicycle or typing – a skill that anyone can learn. People who are willing to work at improving their communication skills can rapidly improve the quality of every part of their lives. Those who can speak well have the advantage to outshine the competition in many ways, he added. [2]

3. Elon Musk, Canadian-American business magnate and chief executive officer of Tesla Motors: The Fundamentals Of Knowledge

Musk gave emphasis on understanding the foundations of knowledge before moving to its extremities during a Reddit AMA session held in 2015. [3] This focus on fundamental principles dates back to Ancient Greece when Western Civilization attempted to systematize knowledge. But it makes sense. Linguistic and mathematical abilities are still the foundation of sciences and disciplines in all other fields.

4. Bill Gates, American philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft: Sciences, Math and Economics

The iconic tech entrepreneur told The Independent that all institutions must have workers proficient in sciences, math, and economics. Gates also noted that many careers will be very demanding in those proficiencies. [4]

5. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook: Teamwork

In a live Q&A held in Rome in September 2016, the social media giant told the audience that being surrounded with other highly successful and motivated people is imperative to success at work. Zuckerberg talked about the need to recruit employees that have complementary skills. He said that the members of a team should excel in areas where their co-members are weaker or less experienced. [5]

6. Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive officer of Frugality

Business website Bloomberg talked to Bezos in 2008 and the e-commerce legend discussed his approach to innovation. Bezos explained how frugality drives innovation. He advised companies to focus on the needs of customers so they can develop the capabilities required to meet those needs. [6]


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You Need These Skills To Succeed Say Musk Branson, Gates And Others
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