You Are Paid In Life Not For What You Know, But What You Can Do

You Are Paid In Life Not For What You Know
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You are paid in life not for what you know, but what you can do. Or get others to do.

I remember the old saying that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” – and I found myself disagreeing with it. I might know a famous and influential character, but unless I have some particular valuable skill or ability, how will this benefit me? This quote goes even further; stating that knowledge is mere theory unless one can do something with it. The final part “or get others to do” reminds us of the usefulness of delegation. It is not required that you do everything yourself, nor should you attempt to. Hiring others is a way not only to get more done but to ‘clear the decks’ of tasks that are pulling your focus away from the important work that only you can do.

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