Wealth Secret Of The Day – Work Smarter AND Harder

Wealth Secret Of The Day - Work Smarter AND Harder
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“Go to the ant, thou sluggard, and be wise” is one of the best sayings ever said when it comes to the subject of success.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Work smarter not harder.”

But let’s be honest with ourselves. How many billionaires would agree with you?

I doubt if any would. Why? Because they know that there is no substitute on earth for sheer hard work.

How much work can you do?

Henry Ford, once the richest man in the world said “It’s been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.”

Working smart is essential, of course. But when you find the smart thing to do, you still need to hammer it.

People tell themselves a pretty story about being smart because they think that all of a sudden things are going to get easy.

Or put another way, if you work smart but not hard, you are going to get crushed by someone who works smart AND hard!

There’s of course a limit – you need to stay healthy and in good condition, otherwise it will be counterproductive. But the main enemy, in many people’s cases, is not that they are so close to the edge of burnout that they dare not work any harder. It’s that they can’t bring themselves to concentrate and do more work – because they don’t have the mental discipline and drive.

Once, when I was working part time as a researcher for an author many years ago, I did some marathon weeks of over 100 hours work. 114 was my record.

The results, financially, were fantastic. The work was available, I was being paid by the hour – but I had the opportunity to do the month’s hours whenever I wanted. So I seized it. Rather than doing 3 days a week of work each week, I was packing all my work into the first two weeks of the month and then spending the rest of the month on my other business projects.

The good thing about packing more hours into a working week is that your expenses stay approximately the same. Maybe even less – because you don’t have so much time to spend the money! If your regular expenses are $1000 per week and your income is $1200, you only have $200 you can invest. However, if you do extra hours and earn $1500 in the same week, you have more than doubled your investment potential in the same time period. The extra hours have become pure profit. You have done one and a half times as much work, but cut the time until financial independence by more than 200%….

The biggest challenge in the case of my work for the author was simply the mental challenge of keeping going. The mind reacts against the tedium of labour. It wants to do something else, anything else. It wants to be lazy. It simply wants to create any sort of resistance it can, and put up a fight against the tedium of increased drudgery or effort. I think we all have those tendencies within us. It’s part of human nature to try to avoid pain and seek pleasure. But overcoming these tendencies can bring great rewards… and so you simply have to whip the mind into shape!

Some work is of course physically taxing, and there is a limit. You don’t want to hurt yourself. But more often, the challenge is just one of determined self-discipline. You just have to keep going. It’s not usually all that difficult, if you are truly passionate about great success. You simply take a five minute break, have a cup of tea, and then plough back in – instead of vegetating in front of the TV or going out for a beer.

Mental discipline – like any other form of peak performance – takes training. It is something that you can develop with practice. But ultimately the motivation you need comes from the inspiration of your dreams. These are what gives us the fire to do things which may be uncomfortable, in order to succeed. You have to want success badly enough to do what it takes.

Such is the mindset of great success. You’ll generally find that the entrepreneurs who get the big payoffs most likely worked their ass off first to get to the place where they were set up.

It’s often possible to do “two days work” in one day – and in the evening I often joke with friends that I am getting ready for “my day part two”. I stay up late and it’s a great time to pack in many more hours of work. The phone doesn’t ring and there are very few distractions.

In most businesses, there is one thing that matters more than anything else. It is productivity.

The highly successful work like ants and simply get stuff done on a scale that the distracted, lazy, average mind cannot for the most part keep up with.

Success has a price. And when it boils down to it, many are simply not willing to pay it – because a major aspect of the price is effort. They say they want to be rich. They fantasize about being rich. They spend hours visualizing being rich, and telling themselves, their friends and anyone else who will listen, what they will do when they are rich and how awesome it is going to be.

Then, they pack up work early, go home and turn on the TV.

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