Wealth Secret Of The Day – Look After Your Health

Wealth Secret Of The Day - Look After Your Health
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“Health IS wealth” — Anon.

Now this wealth secret certainly sounds like stating the obvious – but it can so easily be observed how many people do not do so well with this point (or worse, ignore it completely), that I think stating the obvious here is ok.

Your ability to get rich and stay rich ABSOLUTELY depends on your ability to perform the actions that make money!

Until you have reached the point where you have assets and automated systems bringing you enough money while you sleep for you not to have to work, your wealth, not to mention your ability to enjoy your wealth, depends entirely on your health. If you are unwell or debilitated you will not find it easy or even possible to work. And serious / prolonged ill health can have catastrophic consequences for a business venture.

A high quality life rests upon three essential pillars – health (including safety), wealth and relationships. If you have all of these in good standing – you have a good life. You also have the platform on which you can aim towards whatever dreams and ambitions you might have.

You might not be able to guarantee perfect health – but you can (and should!) maximize your chances. I’m no doctor – so I can’t give any actual recommendations – but I do speak from some experience and observation. Ill health can cost a huge amount of time and money. I can attest to this, I’ve been in this situation. I once injured myself in a moment of carelessness while working and rendered myself unable to work, and I basically had to sit on the sidelines for several weeks and watch helplessly, unable to prevent a project from going sideways. Not to mention that the pain was the opposite of fun as well.

So I would encourage you to do your very best to get good water, good food, good air, good exercise, good rest – and to get your medical checkups and blood work regularly. Endeavor to minimize the toxic burden you are exposed to. Learn about sleep hygiene (this is the name given to the practice of getting good quality sleep).

Work hard, play hard, but take care of yourself. If you think it’s a “waste of precious time” to spend a few seconds avoiding danger, a few minutes working out, or a few hours researching the most nutritious foods, think how much more time and money would be lost if you were unwell or burned out.

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