Wealth Secret Of The Day – It’s OK To Be MASSIVELY DRIVEN

Wealth Secret Of The Day - It's OK To Be MASSIVELY DRIVEN
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Here is today’s quick “power up” motivational tutorial. In-flight refueling to keep you on course…

News flash:

IT’s OK To Be……..


Now that sounds obvious but there is an important point here. I’m talking about peer pressure of the kind that drags you down and makes you feel as though you are “weird” or even that there is something wrong with you for having big dreams and huge ambitions. Society loves to “clip your wings”… informing you of what you are supposed to be and how you are supposed to live.

F*** that!!!

It is the mental by-product of weak people who feel threatened by other people’s excellence.

Here’s the truth: You can work as hard as you want. You can be as determined as you want. You can kick ass all day long, all night long and all YEAR long. Don’t let ANYONE slow you down. Just because some others are going to the pub, playing computer games or watching TV and pretending to smile through their collective misery, that doesn’t mean YOU have to.

You are fully free to cut loose from all that crap and redesign your life the way YOU want it to be.

Watch out for how they will try to trip you up with their negative thinking… and remember: It’s not your problem.

You will need a kind of mental toughness, a kind of “psychic shield” in order to navigate away from this daily stream of bullcrap that flies around in “snivilization” all day long.

That’s why going out in nature is so healthy. Because (in addition to the Real Oxygen Chunks™) you’re free of all that. Climb a mountain and you literally rise above it.

Just remember though: In business there is always a master to serve.

Even when you are “working for yourself” instead of working for a boss…. you still need to stay focused on…..

Providing Quality Service.

Because your customers don’t care if you want to get rich. Why should they? Do you think they buy your product because they support your dreams of a cosy life?

No. They buy your product because it is the cat’s meow, the answer to their problems, the best thing they can get.

(Or they don’t because it isn’t.) 😀

And so you have to serve them and provide for them.

You can do this.

But not if you spend the day drinking. Or procrastinating.

Or fantasizing about how you’re gonna spend that paycheck you aren’t going to get by just sitting there.

If you want to get rich, you need to be focused on making money, not on spending money.

Because rich people MAKE money. That’s what they do. Spending money is just a by-product. You can’t spend your way to wealth.

Watch all the people telling themselves “I wanna be rich. I want this. I want that.” – but in reality they have a SLACKER MINDSET and at the first opportunity they are indulging their laziness in one way or another.

Then look at all the people who truly made it to the top. William Powell Lear of Lear Jet. (Incredible entrepreneur to study by the way!) Elon Musk. Bezos. Manoj from 5-Hour Energy and Billions in Change (amazing story, look that one up too!)

Do you think they did it by kicking back? HELL NO. They were in the trenches, kicking ass all day long, pulling heroic shifts. Being winners.

Your move. Get cracking. Right now.

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