Wealth Secret Of The Day – Gun To The Head Mentality

Wealth Secret Of The Day - Gun To The Head Mentality
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NOTE – (pretty obvious but we have to say it) – this post IS A METAPHOR. It has nothing to do with real guns. Do not put a gun to your head or anyone else’s, please and thank you.

Gun to the head mindset is a simple concept to understand. It is about doing your absolute best. Your REAL best.

It is dramatic, a kind of “boot camp mentality” – but it gets results.

So you think you are working hard?

Imagine what would happen if someone comes along and puts a gun to your head and says “Work twice as hard, or you will die.”

You’ve guessed it…you would work twice as hard.

So…. why are you not working that hard already? Are you in this for a bronze medal or something?

Gun to the head mentality simply means to work as though someone is chasing you with a gun, or your family will die, or that you will die, if you do not give your absolute best.

It gets mad results. The shocking part, though?

Life already has a gun to your head.

Our time in this world is limited. You do not have forever. Every day, sand runs out of the timer.


Did you hear that? That was the starting gun! Go Go Go!!! Because death is chasing you with a gun, every day.

In 20 years time, be the person who looks back thinking “Thank goodness I _____________” instead of being the person who looks back thinking “If only I had………..”

ANOTHER NOTE – don’t do anything reckless. Do not drive as though there are people with guns chasing you, for goodness sake. Don’t kill yourself over anything, in fact. The point here is, to just go like hell when it comes to your work. “Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.” Achieve greatness. Win the gold medal.

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