Wealth Secret Of The Day – Dont Be An Easy Target

Wealth Secret Of The Day - Dont Be An Easy Target
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“Those who solely by good fortune become princes from being private citizens have little trouble in rising, but much in keeping atop; they have not any difficulties on the way up, because they fly, but they have many when they reach the summit… States that rise unexpectedly, then, like all other things in nature which are born and grow rapidly, cannot leave their foundations and correspondences fixed in such a way that the first storm will not overthrow them; unless, as is said, those who unexpectedly become princes are men of so much ability that they know they have to be prepared at once to hold that which fortune has thrown into their laps, and that those foundations, which others have laid BEFORE they became princes, they must lay AFTERWARDS.” – Machiavelli

“That which the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over.” – Anon

Many people really do think that in order to be rich, all you have to do is pull down a big score and you are done.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you get money, all of a sudden you are a supertanker. You are a galleon loaded full of treasure.

And the seas are full of pirates. More than you even know…

First cometh the taxes. And these will take a giant slice, unavoidable. Then cometh the banks, the bills, the creditors.

But that is not all. Family and friends will want a slice. And then there are various other forms of the parasite…

So Are You Ready For Life As A Loaded Galleon In A Sea Full Of Pirates?

Are you really ready to handle life as a loaded galleon? You had better be!

People who have not experienced having a lot of money often think that money is going to make all their problems go away. “Give me the money, I will be jus’ fine,” they say.

Money takes away one set of problems but it brings another. This is a simple fact. The wealthy don’t have the same set of problems as the non-wealthy. “Poor them”, I hear you say under your breath. Well, the point of this post is not to indulge in such sentiments, it is to prepare you for what life will be like when you get money.

If you are perceived as having money (whether you actually have any or not), people will treat you differently. You will be shocked, amazed and sometimes upset by the misunderstandings, judgements and “sliding scale of ethics” that you may see.

Not everyone is like this. Some are just as cool as they ever were. But some are not.

Some people who charge for services will instantly charge you more because of their perception that you are wealthy. If you have a nice car parked outside, people will seize upon their opportunity to jack up their rates “just because they can”. If I had a contractor coming around to price a job working at my house, I used to park my nice car hidden round the corner! True story! Whereas if you have a beat-up old truck parked out front, the assumption will be that you are of ‘ordinary’ means and you will be treated accordingly.

This is just the beginning of it. Friends and family members will have adjusted expectations. New “friends” will also appear, with praise, flattery, and smiles. This experience is more pronounced for people of ‘ordinary’ origins who achieve sudden wealth. You will suddenly be a person of wealth surrounded by people who have no experience of wealth, and this can be challenging.

You will be saddened by the realization that some friends’ reality has now become so different from yours that you are on different planets. They simply cannot comprehend what your life is really like, and there is an assumption that things are automatically easy for you because you have money. It’s awkward – and tragic when people you have known and loved for years become impossible to roll with because they just don’t get you anymore.

You (ironically) may end up longing to find people who will treat you just the same as they did when you were poor. You may even end up going to great lengths to conceal your wealth because its visibility makes you a target of resentment and will find yourself having moments where you wonder whether it is all worth it.

You may find yourself not knowing who to trust and retreating, to take greater comfort in your private world; however, this can lead to great isolation.

Are you ready for this?

Keep It Secret

Opportunism is RAMPANT in the modern world. Everyone now wants to be in the big house on the hill and wants to get there with the minimum amount of effort or value provided in return for their lifestyle upgrade. So the best thing you can possibly do is keep your wealth 100% secret. ONLY you and your accountant know and that person is charged with absolute confidentiality or you will immediately fire them at the least. Your filing cabinet is LOCKED HIGH SECURITY. Your mail goes to YOUR mailbox and NO-ONE touches it except you. NO-ONE. If you do not take responsibility for these things WHAT HAPPENS WILL BE YOUR OWN FAULT. What they do not know exists, they do not covet. Find other ways to gain people’s admiration.

If you have to, make up some story that you lost/spent it all and that there is only enough left to get by on. Take careful note of who sticks around and who disappears.

Also note – if your friends have become rich, just chill. Don’t treat them any different – apart from being tolerant that they may be busy. Don’t have weird expectations on them to give a handout.

Don’t Be Low Hanging Fruit

It’s one of those things you need to be aware of, in life.

If you walk around with a neon sign on your head that says “I am a rich fool”… people will burn you – simple. You made yourself into a magnet for it.

It’s no good being passive-aggressive about it – and simply “expecting” everyone else to play nice. Because not everyone plays nice.

Opportunists tend to go for “low hanging fruit” – that which requires the least effort to obtain. Make it difficult for them and they will choose a ‘softer’ target.

Keep An Eye On Your Valuables

If you find yourself in a situation where you are responsible for more than you can keep an eye on, you soon won’t…

Classic example: Hackers snuck into my biggest, most successful website in 2016.

Did they come in like pirates, with cannons roaring, branding giant cutlasses, demanding my treasure?


They snuck in through a crack and installed a code that secretly overlaid my ads with their own, siphoning off revenue a little at a time…

WordPress security? I had long gibberish passwords and I thought that was “good enough”

Oh, how wrong was I!

I was low hanging fruit. I was so busy that I did not take the steps I should have taken to secure the site. Big mistake.

A trail of unusual things started happening related to that site. The first “weird” thing that happened was that my site got blocked from Pinterest. Not my Pinterest account – which was in good standing. My website. Links to my site were simply stripped and would not send traffic. Very strange!

Then strange behavior would happen with my Adsense ads. All of a sudden from 0.01% “bad clicks” I went to 20% bad clicks or even higher… from the same traffic sources. And then there were days when ads would “crash” and although they were receiving impressions, they would not get any clicks. This happened countless times. Support was of no help. I lost thousands in revenue.

It took many months to figure it out. It turns out the intruders had installed encrypted code buried way, way deep inside a Pinterest plugin we were using. So that explains the Pinterest ban. As for the ads….? The weird behavior was likely caused by their code overlaying their own ads over mine, or “link jacking” – replacing my affiliate links with theirs through their Javascript injection. I would not see it happening as my HTML on the pages would still look the same.

In a way, I had to take my hat off to the bastards because they had completely outsmarted me. They ran rings around me. I will never know exactly how much they siphoned off me. But I estimate that I may well have lost $20,000 – perhaps more. Who knows exactly how many commissions I lost? It’s simply impossible to tell. But link jacking is a big business and I should have been more careful. Some things you learn the hard way. WordPress security is mission-critical to a successful blog!

Outrage at the various parasites who have the audacity to plunder you is of no consequence. You can only take the lesson – that you were slack, not diligent. You got owned because you were careless because you deserved to be. I lost that fortune to hackers because my defenses sucked, and that’s completely on me.

And this happened right when my website was performing super well. I had become a target. Had the site not received much traffic, they would have gone for more heavily loaded galleons…

Don’t EVER make the mistake of thinking that because you are at the top of the pile, you are invulnerable. No, it is quite the opposite. The one at the top of the pile is the one everyone wishes to plunder.

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