Wealth Secret Of The Day – AATC (Apply Ass To Chair)

Wealth Secret Of The Day - AATC (Apply Ass To Chair)
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One thing that always amazes me is that a lot of people are dissatisfied with being poor… but don’t actually do anything about it.

It sounds crazy but it’s true.

They don’t want it badly enough to AATC and make it happen.

When my first internet business really blasted off and all of a sudden I was doing really well, I instinctively wanted to help some of the people close to me. And so I said to them “Look, you can do what I do. I will show you how it works. You can literally copy my business and start making bank.”

But to my astonishment, I couldn’t get them to do it. They just didn’t want to. They made every excuse in the book as to why they shouldn’t do it.

The opportunity was right there in front of them. Compared to what they were already doing it was easier and MUCH better paid. And they literally talked themselves out of it.

I just didn’t get it. I thought to myself “Are you crazy??? You are working for 12 pounds an hour and you could be doing this instead, from home, and take away all that stress.”

And then I got it. It seems too daunting to sail away from the safe harbor into the unknown ocean… and so most people just do not even try.

They don’t even make the attempt.

And that right there is the key difference between those who win and those who do not. It’s whether you decide to do something about it. You either decide you are going to go out and get it, whatever it takes… or you don’t. That’s really it. Clear decision and commitment.

Back in the day, when I was broke I reached a point where I became so dissatisfied with where I found myself that I decided that I was mentally prepared to do whatever it takes, to do whatever I damn well could to change that. And if someone is not in that place, there is nothing you can really do. You can try to inspire them but you can only light a fire with “combustible materials”. Do you want it? How badly do you want it? Badly enough to commit?

In those days, if someone had come to me and said, here, this works – just copy this. I would have been on my knees in gratitude. I didn’t have that kind of mentor. But I did decide that I was going to do whatever it takes (do this legally of course).

So really it is about being a doer versus being a dreamer. If you are dreamer, then that’s good, but if you are not going to be a doer then you might as well go play in the garden or something.

Others have called this concept “AATC” – Apply Ass To Chair. It really is about action. Doing, not wishing or being.

You will come to a point when you realize that this is true. And that this is the decision that you must make. It’s 100% on you.

It’s also 100% worth it. You are worth it. The stakes are high, but so are the rewards.

If you are totally satisfied with your life, then that is fantastic. No need to change. However, if you are dissatisfied (you are absolutely allowed to be!) then take the steps of change. Do it.

Don’t let society dictate how badly you should want success. There is this “fog” of mediocrity that I despise, where people say things like “You shouldn’t try so hard. You should be more content. It’s not cool to be so driven” or whatever BS they say. If you want it then it is because you have dreams and you have visions of a better life and that is fantastic. Yes. Hold on to those dreams and allow yourself to be driven by them. It’s time to GET AFTER IT and make it happen.

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