Top 10 Ways To Turn Your Computer Into A Money Machine In 2021

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Top 10 Ways To Turn Your Computer Into A Money Machine In 2020
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There are now a mountain of was to make money from your computer. Avoid those horrible commuter traffic jams! Here are our hot picks for work-from-home businesses:

1. Content Marketing / Blogging

Building an “authority blog” within one of the “major niches” – health, wealth, safety and relationships” will be a profitable internet business model for many years to come. This is information that people will always need. One good thing is that you do not need to reinvent the wheel – you can see what already works because the data is already out there in the form of the number of likes and shares each post has received.

2. Email Marketing

Internet methods come and go, but email marketing remains lucrative. Everyone who uses the internet uses email. It is still the main means of document transfer and dialogue for most businesses and is likely to remain so. See our in-depth email marketing tutorial here.

3. TV show / Tutorial Videos (Youtube)

Youtube’s popularity is as strong as ever and people love video tutorials, relying on them to learn all manner of things. Creating and monetizing video tutorials, especially those with “evergreen” value, is likely to remain a reliable source of internet income. See our in-depth tutorial 18 Awesome Ways To Make Money With Youtube.

4. Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)

Social media will remain hot for many years. I have made more money online through social media/content marketing than through any other means.
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5. Affiliate Marketing

There are unlimited opportunities to promote and sell practically anything through Affiliate Marketing. If you can learn to promote products and derive a positive return on investment from ad spend, there is practically no limit to how much you can earn. The world’s top affiliates often make over $100,000 per DAY. Mastery of the use of advertising platforms – such as Facebook Ads, Adwords and other media buying methods – will be a typical system however any other legitimate, “non-spam” way of driving traffic will work – such as promoting the products on your own high traffic website or through your email list.

6. Ebay Business.

Ebay have streamlined their selling and shipping process in recent years and made the process of selling items much less labour intensive than in the old days. Ebay remains a great way to make money selling items of all kinds. See our full free tutorial here: 26 Insider Tips For Ebay Success (Free Mega-Tutorial!)

7. Creating And Selling Ebooks (Clickbank) / Other Digitally Downloadable Products

Clickbank offers a potentially highly profitable business by publishing info products (typically eBooks) which can then be promoted by their army of affiliates. Affiliates are looking for the most popular and profitable content to promote and will simply send traffic to “whatever sells best”. Aim for content within one of the major niches again – health, wealth, safety and relationships – and focus on creating materials such as good quality banners and promotional emails that make the affiliates’ task of selling the product as simple as possible.

8. Become A Virtual Assistant

The global marketplace for VAs is absolutely huge now. If you have skills with fast typing, email management, article writing, spreadsheets, social media management, online advertising, ebay expert, Youtube expert, you can make a living helping people who don’t have time to do this. If you have advanced skills such as video editing, blockchain coding, translation (especially with uncommon language pairs), CPA… the income potential is higher.

9. Providing Services (Web, Graphics, Tutoring etc) With An Outsource Team

Next step up from #8: There is great opportunity here to create a team / agency that provides outsource services and then sell those services to other businesses. Outsourcing is in high demand and there are many workers looking to work. Training and building a team can enable you to take on projects of all kinds for clients around the world.

10. Amazon FBA / Shopify Ecommerce Business (somewhat intricate but huge potential)

There are a huge number of businesses here essentially running variations on the model of buying stuff cheaply from China (perhaps through Aliexpress) and then selling it either through a private Shopify store, through “Fulfillment by Amazon” etc. This will continue to be a lucrative field – and one with a learning curve. Many free tutorial materials are out there and you can learn for free through Youtube, Shopify Facebook Groups, etc.

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Top 10 Ways To Turn Your Computer Into A Money Machine In 2020
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