The Wealth Mindset And The Poverty Mindset Are Real Things – Master These To Master The Game Of Wealth

The Wealth Mindset And The Poverty Mindset Are Real Things
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What, really, is the “wealth mindset”? Is there really such a thing? Is it just based on some vague idea that you can get rich by “wishing yourself rich”, “thinking yourself rich” or “acting as though you are already rich” – and that someone who doesn’t do so is only poor because of their beliefs?

While many may think so, (especially those who are not rich and need to tell themselves a comforting story about how they are going to get rich!)… this is a false notion, and possibly very harmful. It is very important to note that wealth is about way more than just a set of beliefs. It’s fantastic to have positive beliefs about your potential and the possibilities of wealth – sure – but the important message here is that belief, in and of itself, will not make you rich.

This is a fact. There are countless people who believed wholeheartedly that they were going to get rich, and completely failed to do so.

There are countless people who visualized being rich and dreamed of living in palaces – but were poor until the end of their days.

There are countless people who acted as though they were already rich, and – not altogether surprisingly – ended up broke.

Your ability to buy a Lear Jet will not be predicated solely by how badly you want it.

If wishing, dreaming, visualizing and praying for things were enough to make them happen, no-one would ever die of starvation. Sorry to be so blunt, but there it is.

The “white hot desire” for wealth, as described by Napoleon Hill in his famous “Think And Grow Rich”, is an essential motivator – but the desire will not, in and of itself, draw the money towards you as if by magic.

You need to be able to TRANSLATE the desire into a METHOD for actually making the money and then EXECUTE – and this means…

…finding some way to improve the lives of others.

As the saying goes, “stop making this about you.” Success in business is not about you – it is about your customers / clients. “I want this, I want that” will not make you rich. Creating solutions for others is what makes people rich!

Also note that the true wealth mindset is way more than just the “standard issue formula” of “work, get paid and save”. Someone who does this may make some money. But that, in and of itself, will not make them wealthy – in fact the chances are, it is making someone else wealthy! Do you know many people who got rich and free on a salary?

Wealth is not only dependent on the quantity of work you do, and on how much you don’t spend. It’s no good just taking your money and hiding it under the mattress. It doesn’t grow that way. It doesn’t work for you. Being able to resist spending impulses is very important, but in order to be wealthy, you want wealth to be flowing towards you. If you have no asset systems, from the very moment you stop working, you will be becoming poorer – and that’s not the way the wealthy do it!

Even with a savings account – all you will be doing is vaguely keeping pace with inflation. And then there are the inevitable expenses. Savings accounts and the like are an excellent “emergency cushion” and can be a good way to store money safely until it is time to utilize it – but they are not a way to get rich.

The true wealth mindset is a combination of several qualities. It encompasses many abilities and strengths – strategy, self discipline, creativity, quality of ideas, knowledge of systems, skills, good choices:

1) An understanding of the way wealth works and the way assets can be multiplied and made to “work for you” by investing instead of spending.

2) Continued development of first-class knowledge, skills and ideas related to your field and line of business / investment.

3) An ability to provide benefit or value to others.

4) Actual, sustained, continued, focused performance of the actions which make money, sustain health and build assets.

5) Resistance to the tendencies and temptations that cause money to flow away.

These “five essentials” are inner assets – personal qualities which can be cultivated and developed, and which ultimately combine to create the mindset of wealth. Develop these inner assets and “outer assets” will follow!

This is what is meant by the phrase “You are your wealth”. It means that the most important factor in wealth creation is you. Who you are, your knowledge, what you are capable of doing. This is what will attract wealth towards you.

Can you see now that the real “wealth mindset” is way more than just a vague set of beliefs and fantasies about money?

Understand And Conquer The Poverty Mindset

Ultimately, poverty is not the opposite of wealth, it is the lack of wealth. There is no real poverty mindset; there is only a lack of a wealth mindset!

Most people have at least one ace up their sleeve – but those who only possess one or two of the five essential qualities of the wealth mindset, are most likely not rich. Have a look around; observe some people over the course of time – and if they are not wealthy, see if you can figure out which of the five essentials they are missing. You might wish to keep your opinions private, as people do not often appreciate unrequested criticism – but apply the five essentials to your private observations, and I’ll bet you can see what’s going on. Their “incomplete” mindset is causing money to flow away from them.

It is visible everywhere in the modern age – but is no new phenomenon. People seek instant fixes for everything. You might even say that they are seeking “outer fixes for inner mistakes.” They see no reason for learning how to live differently, for re-inventing themselves. Imagine a bucket with a big hole in the bottom. For some reason, they think that they will get rich just by pouring more water into the bucket.

Some even manage to get a fire-hose and point it into the bucket. They make a giant mess, cause all kinds of collateral damage, splash around like a bird in a fountain – for a minute…. but then, once the hose has run out, they look into the bucket and realize there’s nothing in there.

They don’t get it. And then, comes the water bill…

Being wealthy also requires way more than just an ability to keep doing a job and getting paid, and then hide the money in the sock drawer instead of spending it. Working or hustling, and then jealously guarding and hiding what you have, will not make you rich. If that is all you do, you will only become miserly. You would not only have no lifestyle, but you would have no life. This is where the archetypal image of “Scrooge” comes from – someone who thinks they are rich but actually lives in a permanent state of fear; hiding away, guarding and counting a pile of coins. Scrooge is “only about himself” and despite having a pile of coins, has the epitome of a poverty mindset.

The Illusion Of Scarcity – And How To Overcome It

Recently I was on the gorgeous Hawaiian Island of Maui. On the day of arrival, I was delighted to find mangoes, one of my favorite fruits, ripe and falling off a tree right outside the cabin. They are perceived as a precious little treasure in other locations and so I hastily gathered up the first ones I saw. My island guide laughed. “If you were here for a couple of months, you wouldn’t care much about the mangoes any more.” she said. “There are so many of them that later in the summer there are more ripe ones than anyone can possibly eat and they fall and rot in their thousands, making the air smell powerfully of rotten mango everywhere. It makes you a bit crazy.”

Nature is superabundant, to the point of carelessness. A plant may produce tens of thousands of seeds, a frog hundreds of tadpoles.

Somewhere, there are hungry people. This is a very sad truth. But this doesn’t mean you need to buy into the illusion of scarcity. Somewhere else, there is so much delicious fruit that no-one can possibly eat it all and much of it goes to waste.

If you want to be rich, don’t buy into the mindset of scarcity! The point is this: If you have the mindset of scarcity, you will believe that there is “not enough to go around” and that in order to get rich, you have to beat others down in some way. If you were to do this, you would have officially joined the rat race and would end up surrounded by people who are trying to beat you down too. Don’t do it.

If however you “think out of the box” and adopt the attitude that there are an infinite number of ways in which people could be made happy, and that all you have to do is use existing conditions advantageously, you will potentially be able to prosper in ways which benefit all. Not only this, but you will be more likely to encounter assistance, rather than resistance! This is what might be known as “aligning yourself with the current of prosperity.”

Adopting an “abundance mindset” is a critical shift that you can make right now.

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