The Value Equation: Cornerstone Of Success

The Value Equation - Cornerstone Of Success
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Today’s bite-sized wealth tutorial is about the value you put in versus the value you get out.

Part of the struggle that the entire world is going through is that we all have this dual aspect to our natures, and these two sides of us compete against each other. We are part hungry baby bird, and part altruistic soul – and it is hard for us to be both of these things at once.

We all want to get fed, to experience pleasure, and to get the life that we want. So we follow the “roadmap” for success that has been laid out in our culture.

Though the modern world has advanced in many ways, this roadmap appears in some ways to have taken a retrograde step. The collective idea of what success is has shifted – particularly in its notion of the destination that we should be aiming for. One only needs to look at Instagram, and to see the collective obsession with lives of luxury to see how this is the case.

A life of luxury is now considered as “goals”. Our idea of success has now been established as laying on a tropical beach and being handed a delicious, life-sustaining drink, made from sun drenched coconuts, prepared by fair maidens.. and if we are one of the successful, all we have to do is receive it.. and imbibe paradise through a (plastic) straw.

In fact, we have now become so accustomed to this ideal of success that success in contemporary culture is now firmly rooted in this concept of receiving. Success is ours when all the value comes to us – and this is what tells us we are “special” and that we have “made it”.

We now have this strange collective idea that success is only about receiving – and that creating this value is something that… “other people” do.

We are taught – and oh how we love to believe it – that we should work smarter, not harder. And that if we are doing things right, we will put in minimal effort and reap maximal reward. That’s what successful people do, right? And we have our roadmap in books like “The Four Hour Work Week” to validate our dream lifestyle of ease and grace.

We have this idea that “what wealthy people do” is consume wealth. We are bombarded with images of them driving sports cars, sunning themselves on yachts, shopping for diamond-encrusted watches and we have gained the idea that this is what wealth is and this is what wealth does.

Nothing, really, could be further from the truth. Your ability to consume value is not something that will make you wealthy. It will make you, essentially, an overgrown baby bird who is still in the nest despite having reached adulthood.

What will make you wealthy is your ability to create and provide value.

The people in the world who are considered the most valuable (and receive the best income), are those who provide the most value for others.

This is why Doctors are widely held in very high esteem. Their ability to assist others in difficult circumstances is what makes them valuable.

Steve Jobs acquired great wealth because he was able to create a device (the iPhone) and a fully integrated hardware-software environment that had extraordinary value to millions of people.

Creating extraordinary wealth requires the creation of extraordinary value. And in order to create extraordinary value, you have to focus consistently on the value you are providing, not on the value you are getting out.

You could in fact argue that our fixation with getting things for ourselves is, paradoxically, both the strongest driver of our ambitions and the greatest thing holding us back. Do you think Steve Jobs would have created the iPhone if he was more interested in shopping than creating?

This principle applies in numerous fields.

In the gym, your focus should be on the value that you put in to the rep, more than the value you get out of it. You should not be seeking to minimize the amount you put in, you should be seeking ways to increase the amount you are able to put in. This will lead to maximal gains.

If all you are thinking about is getting to the finish line, so that you can receive the value in the form of telling yourself “I did 50 reps today!” then you will not be bringing your best effort to the game. It is a kind of avoidance.

So in summary, if you wish to achieve great wealth, stop thinking about how you are going to spend it. Stop thinking about lifestyle, about consumerism, about toys. Don’t be that baby bird, only concerned with what it can get into its beak. Start asking yourself what is the biggest problem you can solve, or, what can you do that will help the greatest possible number of people. Make this your absolute focus.

Start asking yourself “How can I bring more value to the hour?” rather than “How can I get more value out of the hour?”

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