The 5 Master Rules Of Success – You Need To Start Using These NOW

The 5 Master Rules Of Success - You Need To Start Using These NOW
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I was first introduced to these rules by the “Rich Jerk”. Turns out, he’s not such a jerk after all – because these rules are amazing and he knows what he is talking about! Here they are with my own commentary. These are hard-hitting rules that, if correctly applied, will be absolute pillars of success. Ask any successful person if they agree! I will be shocked if they can find anything to disagree with.

1: Go Where The Money Already Is

People are often worried that a marketplace is saturated. No, it isn’t. If it was, there would not be much money to be made and if people are doing really well with something, it means there is room for you too! The converse is also true. If nobody is doing something, then there is almost certainly a very good reason for it; it’s because it doesn’t work.

With internet business, the top 3 fields where there are the most people already making money correspond to the most universal and critical human needs: Health, wealth and relationships. These are needs that everyone has, giving you billions of potential customers. Get in there and do something better than the competition.

2: Copy A Person Who Is Already Successful; Then Put Your Own Twist On It.

Many people think that they need to do something different to what everyone else has done in order to be successful. This is not a good approach. You can already see what works, because other people are already doing well with it. Do what they are doing, only find ways to improve upon what they have done, which are always there if you look hard enough.

This concept applies beautifully with internet business, because most of the big websites give you a massive amount of free market research data! You can see exactly what gets the clicks, likes and shares and generates tons of traffic. Back engineer it, do it better and bring your own unique ideas into the game. And remember, ideas are nothing without execution. Better execution is what separates the winners from the losers.

Note – when we say copy, we do not mean illegally steal their copyright or patented intellectual property! We mean understand the mechanism of their success and use it for inspiration, rather than just doing in a way that has not been tried and tested.

3: You Are Not Your Past. Wipe The Slate Clean And Do Something About It.

Beautiful, succinct and true. All your previous results don’t mean anything, because today is a brand new day and now is always and will always be the only place where you can do anything about anything! If you find yourself at rock bottom, then you know the saying – the only way you can go is up. Make a commitment to start again, right now, and do better than you have ever done before.

4: Winners Do What Losers Aren’t Willing To Do.

Another universal truth. Too many people are looking for the easy ride and so as a consequence they miss the opportunities. In order to generate success, you have to roll your sleeves up. Take Elon Musk – a self-made multi-billionaire. He has stated numerous times in interviews that he works 16+ hours per day, 7 days per week and that it’s simple mathematics – if he can put in an 80 hour week then he generates twice as much success as someone who puts in a 40 hour week. “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison.

5: You Are Exactly Where You Want To Be.

My favorite one of all. Now a lot of people are going to get all offended by this but regardless of how offended you are, it’s a true fact. Why? Because if you were dissatisfied enough, you would do whatever it takes to change your circumstances. And I can virtually guarantee that you are not doing whatever it takes. You are half-assing it. Most people, in fact, half-ass it. And then whine and complain that the world is not fair.

The point of this however is not to berate someone but to get you to adopt the attitude that if you want something in your life to change, you are the one who must change it. Nobody else has that responsibility, only you – and the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can actually change your life. As the saying goes, if you want money, go get some. It’s about taking full, 100% responsibility for every aspect of where you find yourself in life, so that you can take massive action. This is the absolute key to change. You’ve got the power. All of it.

Ok, that’s the inspiration power-shot of the day. Get after it.

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The 5 Master Rules Of Success - You Need To Start Using These NOW
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