How To Invest In Gold

How To Invest In Gold
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Gold is considered to be the most reliable store of wealth in the history of the world. Not only is it considered an excellent commodity by individual investors, but it is in some ways seen as the absolute marker of wealth: Governments and central banks keep gold reserves and use them for very large movements of wealth.

The glimmer and purity of gold have held a timeless fascination over us – yet gold has of course also been the motivation behind many acts of greed throughout history.

The “ultimate” and most famous gold bullion bar is of course the 400 oz Good Delivery Bar. This is the “chocolate bar shaped” gold bar that everyone knows and loves from movies about heists. Most people have never actually seen one of these bars in real life. A good delivery bar is so much heavier than expected for an object of its size that many people let it slip from their fingers when handling it for the first time! These bars are the ones held by central banks and traded in major bullion transactions. One bar is currently worth over $500,000 on the open market, but fortunately for us mortals, gold bars can be purchase in any sizes down to one gram or even smaller.

Gold is considered a “safe haven” in uncertain financial times and a hedge against inflation, which devalues cash. It is also a very liquid commodity, being accepted worldwide and convertible to cash at the current market rate.

We found a great article over at The Street all about gold investing. There is much knowledge in this article and it’s a great “background education” for those who are interested in gold investment.

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How To Invest In Gold
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