Gratitude Is The Vitamin For The Soul

Gratitude Is The Vitamin For The Soul
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Gratitude Is The Vitamin For The Soul. (Anon)

Yes, it really is. No matter what troubles we face, the insane struggle that life can sometimes be… it is still a miracle to be here. Counting your blessings is an ancient practice and a valuable one. Even when things really suck, see if you can make a list of 10 things that are still amazing. And give thanks for those things. It helps.

We are going to be publishing a series of these new motivational graphics. The square image is actually 1200×1200 so probably big enough to print. Have at it. If I walk into a room one day and see one of our images on someone’s wall, I will feel pretty fantastic. Now let’s get on with the business of making today fantastic. <3 AN for ©2019

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