Four Degrees Of Action By Grant Cardone

Four Degrees Of Action By Grant Cardone
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Four Degrees Of Action By Grant Cardone

One question that I’ve received over the years is, “Exactly how much action is necessary to create success?” Not surprisingly, everyone is looking for the secret shortcut — and equally unsurprising is the following fact: There are no shortcuts. The more action you take, the better your chances are of getting a break. Disciplined, consistent, and persistent actions are more of a determining factor in the creation of success than any other combination of things. Understanding how to calculate and then take the right amount of action is more important than your concept, idea, invention, or business plan.
Most people fail only because they are operating at the wrong degree of action. To simplify action, we are going to break down your choices into four simple categories or degrees of action. Your four choices are:
1. Do nothing.
2. Retreat.
3. Take normal levels of action.
4. Take massive action.

Grant Cardone is a well known real estate entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Here he distills his modus operandi for success down to one simple sentence: Take massive action. So often people do not achieve because they are attempting to bypass the hard work. Grant’s approach is to attack the work head on. And perhaps good fortune will reveal itself along the way – but fortune does favour those who put the work in.

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