B.F. Austin – How To Make Money – FREE Book!

BF Austin - How To Make Money - FREE Book
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B.F. Austin’s “How To Make Money” is an “old school classic” text on the art of making money, and worth adding to your library. It dates from 1918 – so it’s in the Public Domain and therefore available free to all!

The nature of this work is very much as an “inner” treatise on the nature of wealth. Austin extols the virtues of living a life where one should “Freely receive; freely give.”

Here are a couple of quotes that I enjoyed:

“A man should ever recognize his own kingship and demand a liberal income from the world, and it is his business to see to it that all obstacles in himself and his environment are removed which would hinder a generous flow of Nature’s great stream of Opulence toward himself. And then he should live like a king, and be as generous as a king, with his fellowmen.”

“Money-making, money-keeping and right money-using depend on character… Men conquer material conditions by first conquering themselves. Men become rich in worldly goods by becoming rich in intellectual power, in faith, hope, courage, and in the creative powers of the mind. The outward life is a reflex of the inward life and no man can become master of the outward and physical realms who does not master the kingdom within.”

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Note – I made an effort to look up B.F. Austin but didn’t have much success. There is a Wikipedia entry for Benjamin Fish Austin (September 10, 1850 – January 22, 1933) – however, in his list of written works, this book is not mentioned. The B.F. Austin mentioned in Wikipedia was a spiritual writer and philosopher and the ideas in this book do seem to have much of that nature in them. It thus seems very likely that this is the same B.F. Austin, but I have been unable to ascertain it. Can anyone provide any enlightenment here?

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B.F. Austin - How To Make Money - FREE Book
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