9 Dumb Ways You Are Going To Waste Money This Summer

Burning Through Your Money
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Summer is a season that goes by quickly, but money also flies out the door just as quickly! Summer holidays means that people long to take the brakes off, and so they turn a blind eye to the large credit card bills that are racking up in the name of fun. Ultimately you will have more fun if you spend money on the things you really want and resist burning through it on things that don’t really matter or can easily be avoided. Here is a list of items that are going to make your money evaporate.

1. Bottled Water

According to Nedalee Thomas, chief executive officer of Chanson Water USA, a water-filtration company, a family of four spends $1,600 on bottled water a year. Many families tend to buy more bottled water when heading out for the day’s activities during summer. Nedalee advises families to refill BPA-free bottles with filtered water from home – with even a top-of-the-range filter such as the Big Berkey at $292 paying for itself quite quickly and going on to save thousands of dollars over its lifetime – not to mention eliminating all that plastic pollution!

2. Buying Stuff You Never Actually Use

We’ve all done it. Getting excited about something and then buying it immediately. Then the moment of enthusiasm wears off and it sits in a cupboard until you finally take it to Goodwill. The key? Just add it to your wish list or cart, and then wait a few days before checking out. Much of the time you will end up shrugging your shoulders, removing it from the cart and saving your money for something more important.

3. Dining And Drinking Al Fresco

Al fresco dining is not often associated with affordable food and drinks. According to the website Crain’s, the licensing process for a sidewalk cafe is expensive, so do not expect McDonald’s prices for your lunch or dinner. The simple alternative to avoid eating and drinking at pricey restaurants is to make your own meals – you could probably invite your friends round, eat something healthier and still save money!

4. Vacation

Going to different places and experiencing new things with the people you care about are the main perquisites of traveling. But if vacation is an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your loved ones, there are other options instead of spending big money to travel somewhere. You could forget hustling around airports for the meantime and work on things together such as enjoying a common hobby together, planning a camping trip, or volunteering to help at charities or NGOs. Thousands of dollars saved.

5. Expensive Summer Activities

Activities such as golf, summer camps, sports camps, or horse riding lessons could rack up your expenses along the way. To keep your kids active and entertained all season long, you could engage them into petting zoo animals, building a backyard obstacle course, learning the basics of fishing, doing outdoor move night, or going to a free concert in the park.

6. Big Summer Toys

Summer is a fun-filled season that entices you to go outside. This time of the year could also mean renting (or buying) an RV or camper, blasting through the countryside on a quad bike, or experiencing the adrenaline rush on a jet ski or speed boat. These toys can easily cost thousands and once you have done it a few times, you might get bored… and will have spent a huge amount of money on something you only use for 2 weeks of the year. You might end up paying for them all year long for many years, so why not allocate the money to your savings account instead?

7. Movies

Going to a movie once or twice a week is another way to waste money this summer. Most cineplexes are attached to shopping malls, so seeing the latest blockbusters could lead to more expenses such as eating at a restaurant, parking fees, or impulsive shopping.

8. Road Trips

In addition to gasoline prices, road trips mean eating at restaurants, staying at hotels, or buying unnecessary purchases such as junk foods while traversing the land. According to the American Automobiles Association, your car will need about $1,250 worth of gas to complete a cross-country journey. To lessen your expenses, make sure your car is in tip-top shape and stock up on reasonably-priced staples before you go.

9. Air Conditioning

A/C is a notorious energy hog. However there are many alternate ways to gain cool air and keep out heat during the warm summer months. Some of them include opening your windows while sleeping and closing up the house when the sun is up, operating your thermostat efficiently, and using fans and ventilation strategies to cool your home. You can also employ round-the-neck cooling devices – a simple cloth run under the cold tap, wrung out and placed around the neck has amazing cooling ability. Cost? Zero.

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9 Dumb Ways You Are Going to Waste Money This Summer
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