9 Billionaires Who Are Doing Incredible Things With Their Money

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9 Billionaires Who Are Doing Incredible Things With Their Money
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Billionaires! To some, the very mention of the word conjures bad feelings. In the modern era, dislike of the super-rich seems to have reached heights not seen since the industrial revolution.

However, despite the resentment, not all of them are buying gold plated Ferraris and megayachts. A very significant number are using their wealth as it should be used – to improve the world.

It’s an old trope that “behind every great fortune is a great crime”. It’s crazy that many still believe that that the super wealthy all got there through some form of malpractice. Many of them got there through providing the products and services that you and I use every day! Do you like your iPhone? Do you like your car? The carton holding your fruit juice? Success is often based on merit and value.

Here is our list of 9 Billionaires Who Are Doing Incredible Things With Their Money:

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is probably one of the most ambitious and driven people in the world. After the PayPal acquisition in 2002, which netted him $180 million, he could have slowed down; but no – he used this as a springboard for even greater achievements. His goals include transitioning the world from gasoline to electric cars, putting the first person on Mars, creating rocket-powered transportation that could fly anywhere in the world in 30 minutes… and more. However these wild goals are not just pipe dreams – he is making them happen. Some have said that in the future he will be looked at as the most influential person of our time – and I believe it.

2. Bill Gates

Love him or hate him – it cannot be denied that Bill Gates is a major philanthropist. Some have criticized his efforts such as the donation of $4.6 Billion to combat malaria and improve global healthcare – because this money supports big Pharma companies in part – but Bill’s generosity cannot be denied. He has also started The Giving Pledge which encourages other wealthy people to use their money for good causes.

3. Manoj Bhargava

Manoj Bhargava was the founder of 5-hour Energy and became a billionaire through selling the well known energy drink. However Bhargava had even bigger plans and decided to spend his fortune developing inventions not necessarily for profit, but because they might change the lives of billions of people. Here is the inspirational official film of his project “Billions in Change”:

4. Warren Buffett

Buffett, along with Gates, is a co-founder of The Giving Pledge – which encourages other wealthy people to use their money for good causes. Since 2006 he’s given away around $27 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway stock to charitable foundations.

5. Azim Premji

One of the richest people in India, Premji has reportedly given away around 63% of his wealth to charity.

6. JK Rowling

JK Rowling, the famous author is remarkable not only for the success of her work but also because she donated so much to charity that she was knocked off the billionaires list! Not many billionaires are willing to go that far. She donated $160 million in 2011 alone and runs Volant, a charitable trust.

7. Paul Allen

Paul Allen, the “other” Microsoft cofounder, has donated over 700 million to a variety of causes including community development, social change, arts and culture, the youth and scientific and technological innovation.

8. Jeff Bezos

Bezos is not typically associated with philanthropy and has even been heavily criticized in this regard – however that does not mean that is is not doing astonishing things with his money:

In this 2019 presentation he unveiled the astonishing mission of his Blue Origin company and its plans to improve life on Earth for all. Unbeknown to most, Blue Origin was Bezos’ original ambition and Amazon was created as the way to make it happen!

9. Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar (born in 1967) was the original founder of eBay and became a billionaire at the age of 31 with eBay’s IPO. His net worth in 2013 was a mighty $8.7 billion.

So, what’s his secret of manifesting such extreme wealth? Extreme greed? Evil power moves? No, and no. Providing opportunity for others.

After the massive success of eBay, Omidyar skipped the “stately homes and Ferraris” and dived right into philanthropy. Omidyar and his wife have created the Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm which not only makes large donations (it has donated over $357 million so far) but also seeks to assist the recipients on a structural level in achieving success. One of the Omidyars’ missions is to do whatever they can to combat slave labor – a courageous mission indeed.

Here’s the link to the Forbes interview:

Pierre Omidyar: “Ridiculous Rich”, And Giving It All Away

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9 Billionaires Who Are Doing Incredible Things With Their Money
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