20 In-Demand Skills That Earn Freelancers Big Bucks

20 In-Demand Skills That Earn Freelancers Big Bucks
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If it’s work and if you can do it on a computer, you can sell that service online…

The global freelance work marketplace has truly come of age and astonishing opportunities are now available to anyone with an internet connection. If you are a good freelancer you can not only earn a good living but you can also achieve the “holy grail” of being able to work “from anywhere”.

The common perception is that this is not very well paid work. But it depends what you do!

While much online work is of average pay, certain skills are in high demand and short supply – and therefore highly lucrative. You might be surprised to learn that there are numerous freelancer jobs that pay 6 figures (over $100,000 per year).

Here are 25 well-paid online work fields / skills to consider:

1. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is a very fast-growing tech sector and blockchain developers are in high demand. Areas of expertise may include • Private Blockchain • Public Blockchain • Ethereum • R3 Corda • Ripple Applications • Quorum • EOS • NEO • Open Chain • IOTA • Hash graph • Stellar • Steemit • Multichain • Mobile & Web App Development • Hyperledger

2. High-End Article Writer

Typical article rates are for $5-$20 for a 500 word article, but for top quality content, writers are being paid up to an astonishing $100 per article or more. To command these fees you will need a great track record, impeccable command of language, plus peerless research and referencing skills.

3. Video Production

Yes there are people cranking out cheap videos by the score for a few dollars each, but the top quality content carries a high price tag. There are currently “121 Services available” on fiverr.com offering video production priced at over $2000 per video. 69 of these are priced at over $5000! And you can see that these gigs are getting sales too! Note of course that your work has to be worth it – and you have to be able to justify the price tag in this highly competitive but in-demand marketplace.

4. MySQL Programming

MySQL is still the world’s most popular open-source database; and MySQL development, which requires knowledge of PhP and other languages can earn freelancer developers $50k-$100k pa.

5. 3D Graphics

Graphic design has long been a hot freelancer market. 3D printing / CAD / 3D rendering has become increasingly prevalent – increasing the demand for 3D design, a special skill set with plenty of opportunities.

6. Node.js development

A Node.js developer is responsible for writing server-side web application code in JavaScript, as well as variants like CoffeeScript or IcedCoffeeScript. The average salary for a NodeJS developer in the United States is $107,562.

7. Logo Design

Logo design has long been one of the areas of graphic design with high revenue potential. Over 250 gigs are currently charging $1000 for custom logo design on fiverr.com

8. Custom WordPress Developer

If you can create custom plugins and tailor-made WordPress sites, you can command good fees. Over 637 gigs are currently charging $1000 for custom WordPress dev on fiverr.com

9. Accounting (CPA) and Bookkeeping

Skilled accountants will always be in demand and despite the availability of accounting software, expert professionals are still indispensable. Certified accountants can provide a full suite of accounting, finance, tax, financial planning, business analysis, and other services remotely and experts can often charge $100+ per hour.

10. API Developer

API design and integration is a specialist field that commands good fees. Typically web developers have a stack of coding skills, of which API work will be one.

11. IOS / Android App Developer

This is an in-demand skill. 824 services priced over $1000 currently available on fiverr.com – many of which have numerous sales – indicates the level of demand here.

12. 3D Game Developer

Cross platform games with features such as 3D animation, social network integration, VR / AR (virtual / augmented reality), in-app purchases etc are in high demand and at the high level can command fees of over $1000.

13. Augmented Reality Developer

Augmented reality (AR) is a parallel field to virtual reality (VR). “Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory.” (Wikipedia). Augmented reality superimposes information and applications on top of “the real world”.

14. Video Editing

With the popularity of video for tutorials, television, film, documentaries and shows, as well as the rise of Youtube and other video hosting sites, the demand for video editing has grown immensely. Skilled video editors who use Final Cut Pro and / or the other well known video editing apps can command good wages and work remotely.

15. Swift Development

Swift is the development platform used for Apple iOS devices. Swift developers can command good pay and annual salaries of $85k+ are not uncommon.

16. Voiceover Artist

In the old days this work was done at professional recording facilities but modern tech enables people to work from almost anywhere. There are numerous jobs available including documentary narration, telephony, audiobook reading, dubbing work, e-learning instruction, animation dialogue and video game voices. Top talent can earn from three figure sums for a 60-second commercial up to $3000 for an audiobook.

17. User Experience / User Interface Design

UX / UI designers are responsible for ensuring that websites and products are easy to understand, navigate and use by a wide range of people. This can be well paid work and is a specialized field that is in high and growing demand.

18. Natural Language Processing

“Natural language processing is a subfield of linguistics, computer science, information engineering, and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human languages, in particular how to program computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data.” (Wikipedia) This is another growing and highly specialized field as voice control of computers and speech recognition has come of age. Skills include Text summarization, Text classification, Sentiment analysis, Named entity recognition, Document clustering, Sentence Rewriting, Dependency Parsing, Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD), POS (Part Of Speech) Tagging.

19. Machine learning / AI

Outsourcing agencies are reporting this as the fastest-growing category on their sites. Average machine learning engineer salaries are over $110k.

20. AngularJS Development

This is an in-demand and growing field used in the development of dynamic mobile and desktop web applications. The USA average national salary is over $102,000.

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20 In-Demand Skills That Earn Freelancers Big Bucks
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