15 Reasons Why People FAIL

15 Reasons Why People FAIL
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Here’s another excellent inspirational video from Alux. We have listed the 15 Reasons People Ffail and added our own summary and notes:

1. They Never Try In The First Place

You know the sayings, “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take” and “If you are not on the field you cannot score”. Fairly self-explanatory… but it really is true. You have to go for it or you will get nowhere. “The world does not owe you anything and if you want it you have to go and get it.”

2. They Underestimate What It Will Take

People who have never done something have no real idea what it takes. They only look at the end results of others who have achieved it – and so they “underbudget” in time, effort and cost.

3. They Are Lazy

Obvious. If you cannot make yourself get out of bed and “Apply Ass To Chair” you are not going to get anywhere worth going to.

4. They Don’t Have A Competitive Advantage

If you do not have a competitive advantage of some kind, you cannot win. The key is to identify your strengths and your weaknesses and understand where you can apply leverage.

5. They Don’t Learn And Adapt Fast Enough

Adapting to change is regarded as one of the most important facets of survival; for any organism or any business.

6. Lack Of Self Discipline

Self discipline means doing the right thing whether you are in the mood or not.

7. Lack Of Planning

Again there is a saying for this: “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

8. Fear Of Failure

Many people are “risk averse” – they would rather play it safe. This is understandable but risk is correlated to reward. There is no gain without risk. Fear of failure is the #1 thing that dissuades people from even making the attempt.

9. Wanting Too Much Too Quickly

You can want it all so badly that you jump from one “bright shiny object” to another, continually trying to take short cuts whereas if you were mentally prepared to put in the real work to build something solid, you would achieve success.

10. They Are Too Emotionally Invested To Realize When They Are Wrong

The correct approach is non-attachment. People do not like to admit they were wrong, that they screwed up. Generally speaking, the attitude of the successful is to “own your mistake” as fast as possible; because admitting that you fucked up is the first step in improvement. How can you begin to do it better if you will not accept that you did not do it well enough already? Get into the habit of admitting when you screwed up, and laughing at yourself. It’s not that bad! And now you can begin again more intelligently.

11. They Make Excuses

A critical attribute of successful people is that they take full responsibility for where they find themselves and for being the person in charge of creating change. Good and bad things happen to everyone but excuses are typically deployed by people who did not live by the mantra “failure is not an option”.

12. They Are Being Resistant To Advice

Note that this should of course be good advice. Everyone will have advice for you and you should only listen to trusted mentors and those who have a track record of success in the thing they are advising you on.

13. They Don’t Measure Progress

Tracking results is essential to understanding the health of a business yet many do not bother with this vital step. Performance cannot be optimized if it is not analyzed.

14. They Are All Talk, No Show

Don’t be one of those. A good rule of thumb is not to talk about what you are going to do, but “post results only”. Everyone wastes hot air telling people about what they are “gonna do”. How do they even have time to sit around talking about it? Because they are not actually doing it, that’s why!

15. They Give Up

Obvious but true. Nothing needs to be added here.

16. (Bonus) – They Did Not Want It Badly Enough

What’s interesting about this is that wanting success really badly is in many cultures and social groups somewhat or even very taboo. Some people will actually attempt to ‘cut you down to size’ if you are very driven. Oh, they have their (faulty) reasoning, but partly it is because your success will upset the balance of power. They don’t like it. You cannot afford to listen to that garbage. Don’t let the negative thinking of others hold you back. You have every right to be as successful as you want to be and if others cannot handle it, that is their problem not yours.

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15 Reasons Why People FAIL
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