15 Business Books Everyone Should Read

15 Business Books Everyone Should Read
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Here’s another excellent inspirational video from Alux. We have listed the 15 Business Books Everyone Should Read below (together with their Amazon (affiliate) link:

1. Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich

An astonishingly popular book that has stood the test of time. Napoleon Hill set out to interview the world’s most successful people in order to decode the “law of success” and share it with all.

2. Rhonda Byrne – The Secret

This worldwide best seller started out as a film that shared ideas on how to achieve health, wealth, and happiness.

3. Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad

One of the world’s most popular books on money, this book compares the “mindset” and attitudes of those who reach wealth and those who don’t.

4. Benjamin Graham – The Intelligent Investor

Graham was called “The greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century” and this book has been regarded as a “stock market bible” ever since its original publication in 1949.

5. Tony Robbins – Money Master The Game

World-famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins shares his ideas for personal wealth transformation and achieving financial freedom.

6. Timothy Ferris – The 4 Hour Work Week

Ferris’ cult classic teaches people to ‘get their lives back’ through a combination of strategies such as delegation, outsourcing, prioritization. It’s fundamentally a book on time management – pushed to the ultimate.

7. MJ Demarco – The Millionaire Fastlane

This book teaches people (in the Author’s own words) that “creating wealth need not take 50 years of financial mediocrity devoured by decades of work, decades of saving, decades of mindless frugality, and decades of 8% stock market returns.”

8. Charles Duhigg – The Power Of Habit

Duhigg dives deep into habits – good and bad – and explains why they exist and how they can be changed.

9. Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged

The accolades – and criticisms – for this book are astonishing. Deeply philosophical, it has been called “One of the most important books ever written” by fans and “garbage” by detractors. Thought provoking and controversial.

10. Dale Carnegie – How To Win Friends And Influence People

One of the most famous self-improvement texts of all time. Excellent reviews and very little opposition.

11. Chris Guillebeau – The $100 Dollar Start Up

Guillebeau interviewed real business owners who had a unique business model, used no more than $1000 in startup capital, and had no specialized skills – in order to create a roadmap that could be applied by other low-cost startups.

12. Robin Sharma – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

More of a ‘spiritual’ books than a business book, this inspiring tale encourages us to follow our life’s true calling and achieve true fulfillment.

13. Michael Gerber – The E-Myth Revisited

An all-time classic on startups – this book investigates why most fail and the critical differences between them and the ones that succeed.

14. Grant Cardone – The 10X Rule

More of a motivational book than anything else, this book teaches that “taking massive action” is the fundamental shift required for success.

15. Peter Thiel – Zero to One

Thiel, a famous and ultra-successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, shares his valuable insights on startups and out-of-the-box thinking.

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15 Business Books Everyone Should Read
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