Lone Wolf: Best Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone

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Lone Wolf - Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone

Wow. One of the most inspiring motivational videos I have seen. Powerful stuff!

This coaching session starts with an overall “power up” section designed to blow the cobwebs off and get you pumped. Then at 3:34 it cuts to Tony Robbins delivering a fantastic speech about how we define who we are, how we can change that and the choice to improve our daily rituals.

Our “default mode” is the blueprint that we have for ourselves – and we will ultimately default back to the person that we believe ourselves to be. The first step is to change that blueprint and decide who we are. Then we affirm that new identity consistently. Our actions will begin to conform to that identity. An athlete tells themselves daily that they are an athlete and so their self-identity informs their subconscious choices. This stuff is very powerful and it works. You can choose the script! Choose the winner’s script. That’s the part that you play. That’s who you are.

The next step is to examine our habits and “rituals“. Robbins’ talk is really about rituals. He deconstructs the daily habits that ultimately determine success or failure. Success or failure might seem like momentary events but they are in fact created by the things we do daily, which add up over time.

Here are a few fantastic quotes from the video:

“Every day I demand more from myself than anybody else could humanly expect.
I’m not competing with somebody else. I’m competing with what I’m capable of.” – Michael Jordan

“Who you spend time with is who you become”. – Tony Robbins.

“We live who we believe we are”. – Tony Robbins.

“There are two pains in life.
There is the pain of discipline or there is the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces.
Regret weighs tons.”
Jim Rohn.

More from Tony Robbins (no affiliation): https://www.tonyrobbins.com/

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Lone Wolf - Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone
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