Massive List Of 30 44 Money Making Ideas That Can Thrive In The Corona And Post-Corona World

Massive List Of 30+ Money Making Venture Ideas That Can Thrive In The Corona And Post-Corona World
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“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one more responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

April 2020: It is now being said by many that perhaps equal or even greater than the direct suffering caused by the actual virus is going to be the financial pain. Livelihoods have been destroyed in unprecedented numbers. Whole sectors of the economy have literally been smashed and may never be the same ever again. However there are still many opportunities and some areas which are thriving. There are countless people currently looking for work and for new enterprises – who are ready to throw themselves at full power into new ventures that are going to feed their families. It’s vital to adapt and survive! We put our heads together and came up with this big list of 30 44 ideas to get you thinking… we hope this helps you:

1. Communications Technology: With lockdowns affecting over 1 billion people, face-to-face meeting is currently off the table, therefore communications technology, computers, mobile phones, internet use in general are in high demand.

2. Tech Sector In General: In particular the following sectors are super hot: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity, Business Tools, Gaming, Publishing, Social Networks, Big Data, Open Source Apps, Medical Research, Virtual Reality.

3. Online Tutoring: Parents need to either homeschool kids or find tutoring and many are very busy just surviving. I know someone who just switched all their music students to online using video conferencing and is now doing outreach for new students. Learning and playing a musical instrument can be very therapeutic and is something that can be done from home so this has potential!

4. Contactless Technology: Doors that open without having to touch them. Contactless things in general that normally require people to touch them, especially things that other people have touched. Checkoutless shopping using QR codes; many people will prefer that nobody in the store handles the goods that you handled and then handles everyone else’s goods.

5. Virtual Reality Office Communications – apps enabling board room and business meetings etc from home are experiencing a surge in demand. Virtual conferencing was already a hot sector enabling international business associates to connect and the demand for these services has grown significantly.

6. Home Deliveries: Food distribution, plus other essentials that everyone needs.

7. Technology Investment Funds: are a fairly solid bet as online services are surging.

8. Anti Viral Air Purification Strategies and Systems. No doubt HEPA filters that “remove 99% of viruses from the air” are flying off the shelves.

9. Sanitization and personal safety supplies There is increased demand for soap, surgical-type plastic gloves, other sanitizing supplies, handkerchiefs, N95 masks, toilet roll, face shields, spray bottles, isopropyl alcohol (the base ingredient for hand sanitizer).

10. Home Gym Equipment and Online / Downloadable Fitness Tutorials. Gymnasium businesses are basically wiped out. On the other hand, home “spin classes” and similar i.e. should be doing well. Definite opportunity for personal trainers online.

11. Robotics: No contagion issues is an additional selling point in what was already one of the fastest growing sectors prior to 2020. Robotics will survive and thrive. Create a robot that can do home deliveries. Challenging, but we are approaching the era of driverless cars, which is arguably the hardest part. Potential multi billion dollar enterprise.

12. Survival Skills Tutorials (Written / audio / video):
Can you teach people how to take care of themselves and be self reliant? You probably can because you have learned a LOT in your life. Here are some ideas;
Survival Foods – which inexpensive foods to choose that will last a long time and keep you healthy.
Ways to make extra money working from home.
Natural ways to boost the immune system.
How to survive if the power goes out.
How to get started growing your own food. (can we even buy organic seeds right now?)

13. eBay Based Businesses. Some will fall, some will thrive. Choosing the right product lines is vital – there are things that nobody is buying and things that everyone wants right now. Collectibles for example may be difficult to sell as people are looking to liquidate and less people are buying. Tools, home essentials and computer supplies seem to be holding strong.

14. Businesses under the “Amazon Umbrella”: The world has turned to Amazon to provide products of all kinds that they used to buy in the high street. Opportunities therefore abound for “Fulfilled by Amazon” sellers, but also for Amazon Affiliates, and for Kindle Publishers. There will also be retailers offloading stock they cannot sell, at low prices, which provides a real opportunity for online traders to scoop bargains.

15. Counterfeit goods alerts and detection / systems etc. Product watermarking that cannot be faked. In the ‘post retail era’ the amount of counterfeit goods is at an all time high. There is a huge opportunity for new systems, perhaps blockchain based, that provide end-to-end product supply chain verification. Big brands would be VERY interested in turnkey solutions that protect their intellectual property and improve distribution logistics.

16. Apps, Games and other Home Entertainments: China has seen a boom in downloading of apps and games as people look to occupy themselves from home.

17. Email Marketing: We are seeing a strong response to email at the moment – depending on the topic people are in great need of assistance of many kinds.

18. Home Improvements. B&Q home improvement store was packed today!! Everyone staying home is getting home projects done. And people are focusing on making their home nice and more comforting.

19. Medical Supplies, Cleanroom Supplies, Decontamination And Biological Testing Technology.

20. Home Viral Testing Kits.

21. How To Make Your Own _________________ (tools, soap, hand sanitizer, bread)

22. Home security. In troubled times people are nervous. Desperate times lead to desperate people and therefore danger – perceived or real – which translates into increased sales of security products and services.

23. Guns ‘n’ Ammo and all things related. I’m not saying I recommend this line of business, just saying it is currently profitable. In USA lines at the gun store have been running down the street. As with every other niche, think of it as a kind of “hub” of interest. There are numerous “spokes” to the wheel; not just in supplying products but also in tutorials, training and so on. So for example there will be a corresponding boom in people looking for gun training, gun safety tutorials and other related supplies such as gun cabinets and cases etc.

24. Survival Gear, Rations, “Bug Out” Kit. Some of the more excitable people are literally prepping for zombie apocalypse right now – and that means in typical consumer fashion many will be seeking to “shop their way out of a problem” which means buying survival supplies of all kinds in great quantities.

25. Self Help Tutorials In General: As businesses and classrooms close, people are turning more and more to the internet for self-reliance learning of all kinds. Think about the kinds of things people are Googling right now. How will you cater to these? Ideas: How to store food, how to prep for survival, how to keep a business running, how to save money on bills. What to do if the power goes out. How to use computers. How to be more internet savvy. How to order things online. How to protect your credit cards online. How to create an email address. How to do online banking. How to transfer money online. How to use PayPal.

26. Youtube Videos – people are now staying home for entertainment. Anything that cheers people up and entertains them safely from the comfort of their own home is going to be popular. All those concert goers, sports match goers etc are going to be turning to online entertainment to get their fix. Video sites recently had to lower the quality of their streaming because the demand was so big. See our full tutorial 18 Awesome Ways To Make Money With Youtube

27. Virtual Classrooms / Stay At Home Classroom Technologies.

28. Home Schooling Tutorials And Tips. – i.e. how to home school your kids.

29. Electronic Devices / Computer Hardware – phones, laptops, peripherals etc. People will be using them more than ever. If nothing else, a great time to have a clear out and sell that old laptop and mobile phone you no longer use.

30. Online Tech Support: Fixing computers “remotely” and helping people with home tech. Computer training of all kinds.

31. How To Grow Your Own Food And Herbs: Ginger, ginseng and the other herbs, local food production.

32. “Stay At Home Lifestyle”. This could be come a big thing; apps, technologies, products, services and systems that are centered around people literally creating a new lifestyle focused around self-isolation.

33. How To Set Up A Home Office. Loads of people getting set up to do business from home.

34. Virtual Entertainment: Virtual reality pub, nightclub and all other social gathering type stuff. Virtual reality bingo. Online movies and entertainment – all concerts, sports, cinema etc are off.

35. High Speed Internet Services And Support: Just chatted with a satellite and 4G internet installer. They are maxed-out right now providing these essential services. Huge surge in people setting up home broadband. The UK just reported almost a doubling of internet traffic in the last couple of weeks – absolutely unprecendented demand.

36. DIY Tutorials: Making, repairing and doing things yourself.

37. Recipes. All of a sudden many people who ate at restaurants are all going to be switching to wanting recipes and eating at home. Traffic to our recipe website has almost doubled from the usual amount since the lockdowns began.

38. “Untouched goods”. Hygienic / sterile certification. If you can certify that your products (all sectors, not just food) have been handled hygienically and without anyone touching, snotting on them etc etc, that will be VERY good for business right now. “Certified untouched”… Huge potential business model right there.

39. Sterilization / Sanitization Equipment: Heat sterilizers, sterilizing chemicals; Autoclaves may become extremely popular or even a ‘home essential’ once people figure out that they can ‘cook’ potential virus infected objects.

40. Outsource Services: Companies are going to be turning to the online marketplace for their Human Resources. It is even possible that the entire concept of an office premises is going to be replaced by entirely cloud-based and virtual working environments.

41. Affiliate Marketing: You can sell practically anything you can think of as an affiliate and make commissions. As online sales and traffic in general have surged, this could truly be seen as the ‘golden age’ for the affiliate. Some have created successful businesses simply reviewing and giving tips on the products they know a lot about. Big opportunity here.

42. Online Counseling: In these troubled times very many people are stressed, traumatized or even in mourning. Services providing support to those who need it might be in higher demand than ever as the world comes to terms with these unprecedented circumstances.

43. Writer: Internet use is up, and the majority of internet content is written. It thus follows that the demand for writing services may be higher than before. Companies looking to hold their position as ad spending tightens, may do so by increasing the volume of pages they have online, which translates to higher demand for writers for higher. Speaking of translation – this might be another service in demand.

44. How To Make Money From Home. Being able to make money online is a lifesaver right now. As countless people are currently out of work, many of them will be searching, perhaps for the first time, asking “How do I make money from my computer?” How can you serve these needs?

SUMMARY: Times of great need are also times of great opportunity. Numerous people have urgent or even desperate needs right now. How can you position yourself to serve these needs? “Action Takers Are Money Makers”! Those who are best able to adapt to the new set of needs that people have are going to be the winners in these testing times. Stay safe, stay motivated and get cracking!

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44 Money Making Ideas That Can Thrive In The Corona And Post-Corona World
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How Many Hours Per Week Do You Work? The Answer Could Be Why You Are Failing

How Many Hours Per Week Do You Work? The Answer Could Be Why You Are Failing
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It may well be that the reason you are struggling to get ahead is that you just don’t work hard enough

Once you hear Elon Musk explaining this, it sounds so ridiculously obvious. Not only is it true but it illustrates how often we over-complicate things (perhaps as an elaborate excuse).

Musk is famous not only for his extremely ambitious goals but for his heroic work ethic. 120 hour weeks are not unheard of and there are numerous well known stories of him sleeping in the office so that he can wake up and get cracking without wasting a moment.

Now Elon is an ‘extreme case’. But then again – if you want extreme success you have to take extreme actions. Can you handle that? I hope so – because if there is a way round it, I haven’t heard of it.

Now there is this idea of the “work life balance”. You are “supposed to” keep it all in balance and essentially… be soft on yourself. That’s what they tell you.

But I’ve got bad news… all the while you are doing that, someone else is working.

Let’s ask multimillionaire business coach Dan Pena what he thinks about this:

[The CEO of AOL said] “I want someone who works 28 hours per day and bleeds through his eyeballs.”

“… So you think more work is better” … “No. More smart work. Most people play at their work. Just because you might work 12 hours per day, doesn’t mean you are working 12 hours per day. You are staying busy 12 hours per day… I am retired and I still work 60-70 hours per week… when I was your age I worked 100 to 120 hours per week.”

Do you see a pattern here?

A strange idea seems to have come around in the modern world that you can somehow float your way to success and that the only reason you are not successful is that you are just “not dreaming about it hard enough”, or even that you are actually working too hard!

I beg to differ. All the success I have ever had was gained through determination, work, struggle and crawling forward inch by inch.

Elon has made his billions. He could freewheel and be served fine wine on an island every day for the rest of his life – if he wanted to. But no – he’s there at SpaceX and Tesla powering forward with every drop of energy that he has.

Work and health: Note however that I do believe it important to take the best care of your health you can. But find a way to do that while still driving forward. It is important to get good sleep. Study [1] has shown that 7 nights in a row of only 5 hours of time in bed have negatively affected cognitive performance, subjective sleepiness, and mood in adolescents.

However, even if you sleep 8 hours per night and then have 2 further hours for shower, eating etc that still leaves 98 hours in a week.

How many of those are you working? And importantly, how many of the hours you ‘act like you are working’ are you actually truly working on proper, productive tasks? I will bet it is less than 50.

If you can actually do this, you can change your life.

It’s your move. Right now. The clock is ticking… what are you going to do?

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How Many Hours Per Week Do You Work? The Answer Could Be Why You Are Failing
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Wealth Tip Of The Day – Did You Actually Make It Easy For People To Give You Money?

Wealth Tip Of The Day - Did You Actually Make It Easy For People To Give You Money
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This one is for all you business owners and would-be business owners: An incredibly important point!

Not mentioning any names: But I recently attempted to move my savings to a new platform that offers fantastic interest rates (8% APR) for parking crypto-backed assets with them.

I say attempted… because the process broke down and the company just lost the deal. And I am here cringing at their inability to take my money when I am literally asking them to.

Here’s how the sale fell apart: I got bogged down in some technical details of the type of USDT protocol they were using for their crypto transfers. They are using ERC20 and the crypto exchange that my funds are on can only send Omni. This is ultimately not what is relevant. What is relevant is the following:

I should not have gotten stuck. That is a total user experience fail on their part. I have an IQ of 147… and I couldn’t figure out what to do next! God knows how they are going to get money from “the average non-technical person in the street” who wants those kinds of interest rates.

Red flag. A frustrating, slow, multi-message support exchange followed… culminating in the following piece of advice from them… get this… for me to go to Google to figure it out.

Have you ever heard of that? That is the sales equivalent of the customer there in front of them, with check book open and pen in hand, about to write a LARGE CHECK and then them sending the customer out the front door and telling them to go down the street until they find someone who can help them! At the point of sale!! Super crazy!!!! Mind blown!

Do they think that they have no competitors or something?

I was literally trying to give them money, saying please, take this sum of money, my entire savings… it’s yours. And they dumped me back on the internet “high street”.

Literally stunned.

Let’s cut to the point here.. Your #1 GOAL as a business – no matter what kind of business – is to collect people’s money. Them handing you money is the number one single most important goal that your business has.

As Matthew McConaughey’s famous line from the Wolf of Wall Street said, “Name of the game? Move the money from your client’s pocket into your pocket.”

That’s it.

Now a mission critical part of this goal is to make it as easy as possible for that objective to happen.

Do you want to throw obstacles and challenges of various kinds in the path of the customer who is attempting to pull out the money and hand it to you?

Hell no!

You want their journey to handing you money to be as smooth as ice cream. As smooth as a ride in a Rolls Royce that ends with the door being opened for them, they then step on a red carpet and walk right in through the front door, get greeted with a warm smile, offered a chair, offered a drink, handed the pen that they are going to sign with, and BOOM. You got money.

That’s how EASY you should be making the buying process. They should not even have to open the door for themselves or be sitting there wondering where to sign, metaphorically speaking.

If you are making it any harder than that for them to hand you money, you are failing. You are losing customers. You are “leaving money on the table”.

Once the customer has made that decision in their mind: “I want it” … if there is any obstacle whatsoever, some technical hurdle or other, in between them opening their wallet and the money hitting your bank account, you better solve that RIGHT NOW.

Because THAT is sales.

ANY obstacle in between the customers money and you needs to be removed.

At the moment that buying decision has been made, when the customer is “white hot”… your goal is to make the process as EFFORTLESS, ENJOYABLE, UNENCUMBERED, PAINLESS, HASSLE FREE, SMOOTH and SWIFT as possible. If there is some bump in the road that makes them pull up and think “Ok, what is this thing I have to do now?” Or “Oh, this is actually more complicated than I thought”… no!! You cannot afford that!

You also have to know that most of the time, buyers are only white hot for a moment. They cool down later. When the buying temperature is high, CLOSE THE DEAL.

Sales professionals will back me up in this. It’s part of the training. It’s called the art of closing.

Novices think that selling is about making a presentation of what you have to offer and putting it in front of people.

Yes, that’s part of it. But the close is mission critical. Because an awful lot can happen in between the customer deciding in their mind that they are in, and the money clearing in your account.

And it’s all on you. If the customer goes back to Google to try to find the answer to how to convert their funds into the format that you need them to be in, in order for you to get paid, they might just go find someone who is actually willing to solve their problem. Because for goodness sake. If someone comes along with cash money and wants to give it to you, don’t send them back to Google to figure out whatever bullshit hoop they need to jump through to hand you cash. Fix that crap for them LIKE YESTERDAY and do it with a smile, a free drink and a comfy chair.