18 Awesome Ways To Make Money With Youtube – FREE Full-Length Tutorial!

18 Awesome Ways To Make Money On YoutubeGraphic: Makingwealth.info. Background images – Pixabay.

Here’s a free, full-length tutorial giving you a rundown of 18 ways to make money with Youtube! Not only do we have methods here for those with a channel and a following, but also methods that do not require you to have your own Youtube channel or any videos of your own at all!


You have to hand it to the guys who created Youtube and sold it to Google in 2006… for $1.65 billion. Now that’s how you make money online! And what an incredible deal for Google, who have turned Youtube into a 21st century juggernaut that shows no sign of slowing down.

All of the big social media and community sites have spawned their own “micro economies”, allowing numerous entrepreneurs and influencers to build an entire business under their umbrella. Each of these sites has several money making opportunities and methods. Youtube is no exception.

Recent news reports have revealed earnings statistics for the top Youtubers and the top earners are pulling in tens of millions. The top 10 Youtubers earned over $14.5 million each in 2018!

According to Forbes, the greatest portion of this revenue is in the form of advertising shown before videos – however there are numerous potential revenue streams that can be tapped with Youtube – some of which do not require you to have a following of your own at all. Let’s get right into investigating ways you might be able to mine some of this Youtube gold for yourself!

1 – Build Up A Popular Channel And Run Youtube Ads

If you can create or have access to exceptional content, great presentation skills and video production talent then you can build up a channel, post consistently and grow a following.

If you are going to take this route, it is important to develop a strong message and effective delivery. Engaging and sparking a positive response in your audience is key to building your following. Effective communication is a skill set in its own right and one thing that is interesting is that despite their incredibly diverse backgrounds, successful Youtubers are invariably good, engaging communicators.

When it comes to creating content, there is bound to be some trial and error involved and you will learn what people respond to by seeing which of your videos creates the best response.

The primary revenue model being used is to place ads on your videos using the Youtube Partner Program, Youtube’s built in advertising platform. The more views your videos get, the more you can earn. Note the “average CPM” (revenue per thousand views) is around $1.50-$2. However some “niches” and topics can earn up to $15 CPM. Top Youtuber PewDiePie is reported to generate $7.6 per 1000 views; however this should be regarded as exceptional.

The requirement to qualify for the program has changed and is no longer 10,000+ channel views in total. In order to qualify to display Youtube ads you need to have 1000+ subscribers and need to have had 4000+ hours of watch time within the past 12 months.

2 – Drive Traffic To Your Own Ad-enabled Blog Or Website Content

Each Youtube video has a “description box” which allows you to create one or more clickable links. If you have a blog or website with further content, you can drive traffic and then generate revenue from advertising on the blog. Put your most important link(s) in the first 3 lines so that they are immediately visible without the viewer needing to click “SHOW MORE” to see the link. You will get a better click through rate that way.

3 – Improve Your Visibility With Youtube SEO

It is valuable to learn Youtube SEO so that your videos get placed well in YT search results. This is an in depth topic but here are a few tips: You can use the search box “autocomplete” to see what people are looking for and this can help with the naming of your videos. YT will also look at the reaction to your video – click through rate, comments, thumbs up / thumbs down ratio etc to evaluate its quality. You should also make the most of the description box (without “keyword stuffing”) – as phrases in that box can help your video get found. Here’s a great tutorial we found on mastering the use of the description box.

4 – Create And Sell Information Products

Once you have built a following of a few thousand subscribers, you can launch an information product related to the theme / topic of your Youtube channel and you have a ready-made audience to promote to. This works especially well if your content is already tutorial in nature. Your information product could for example be an eBook, or premium video tutorials.

5 – Interconnect All Your Social Media Properties – “Net Theory”

Something interesting to consider: You should interconnect all of your social media properties. I have called this “net theory”. Each of your social media properties is like a net, that has a certain “reach”. By developing a presence wherever you can, you are growing your net. Your overall visibility and reach is increased, maximizing your potential audience. You link all your social media profiles together, sending all that traffic where you want it to go to grow the overall size of your net and build the cumulative power of your network. So if your main focus is Youtube, you can use your other “real estate” to help grow your Youtube channel. It all adds up.

We have tested this. There are lots of minor social media sites and the reward to effort ratio can be highly variable. In general I would say stick to the big sites and focus your efforts on the ones most suited to what you are doing. Statista has created a useful list of the most popular social networks worldwide, ranked by number of active users. All of the 18 sites on this list are worth investigating. Do what you can and do more of what works best.

6 – Embed Your Videos On Your Blog Posts And Then Drive Traffic To Those Blog Posts Using Other Social Media Platforms

This is an interesting twist because you are using the headlines of your most powerful content to generate traffic from other websites to your blog, which can include your videos. This will often drive more traffic, views and subs than a simple “visit our Youtube channel” link because it gives people a reason to click. Your other social media properties thus increase the visibility (and hopefully subscribers) of your Youtube Channel. Embedding a YT video in your blog is as easy as pie:

1) Click “Share”:

2) Choose “Embed”:

3) Select “Enable privacy-enhanced mode” (this is a GDPR compliance step):

4) Copy paste the code and drop it into your web page / blog post:

For info on getting traffic from other social media platforms, check out our free tutorials on How To Monetize A Facebook Fan Page and How To Make Money On Pinterest.

7 – Affiliate Marketing / Product Reviews

You can sign up for various affiliate programs, drive traffic from your Youtube description box and then earn a commission on sales. Tried and tested affiliate platforms include Amazon Associates, Clickbank, etc. A classic method to do this is by creating product review videos and then linking to the product from the description box with your affiliate link, which will be supplied by your chosen affiliate network once you have signed up and been accepted. You can also incentivize people to buy (if this is permitted on the affiliate platform you are using) by including your own bonuses.

You can also compare products, do product tutorials – teaching people how to use something, or make “top lists” of items that you consider most excellent. Unlimited opportunities to create content based on what you already know.

There are affiliate programs for just about any product you could think of and so you can find something that is tailored to your audience and their interests.

8 – Sponsorships / Product Placements

As your channel grows, there are many businesses who will pay for access to that audience. There are services now that connect sponsors with channels, such as Famebit. You may also be able to earn commissions for mentioning or using brands / products in your video and of course the higher your number of subscribers, the greater the demand and revenue will be. Note that according to Youtube help center guidelines, paid product placements, endorsements and other paid promotions require disclosure to viewers by notifying Youtube using the “video contains paid promotion” box.

9 – Fan Funding

Numerous Youtube channels are now “fan funded” – especially those who have been “demonetized”, which means banned from advertising on Youtube. Demonetization is quite controversial and often appears to happen with little warning or explanation, with more ‘edgy’ content being demonetized under the general label of being less suitable for advertisers.

Popular channels can pick up significant revenue in this form, though it is generally believed that the amount will be less than that achievable through advertising.

Typical platforms for fan funding include Patreon and SubscribeStar.

There are also Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo if your project is appropriate to that.

10 – Promote / Sell Your Own Product Or Service

You could use the Youtube platform to promote any product or service that you sell – ebooks, physical products (i.e. for example a Shopify Store), training programs or services. Videos can take the form of promotional ads, which are limited only by your imagination and creativity. Another effective promotional method is to give away some valuable content, let’s say in the form of a free tutorial, with the opportunity to buy premium level content that goes deeper or covers more ground. And then of course you also have the description box, which you can use to pre-sell and drive traffic.

11 – Brand Your Channel And Sell Your Own Merchandise

If you have an enthusiastic fan base in any field then merchandise is a logical venture. Musicians, sports teams and political campaigns derive significant portions of their revenue from march. A random example of a Youtube channel doing this is Jericho Green. He posts frequently (often more than once per day), with political commentary. I have absolutely no idea how much money he is making. All his videos link to his Teespring store where he sells baseball caps, shirts, mugs etc.

12 – Be an Advertiser – Create Youtube Ads To Drive Traffic / Sell Products / Acquire Leads / Get Customers

Even if you have no videos or audience of your own, you can generate traffic with Youtube! You can create and place ads using the Youtube Partner Program. These can utilize advanced targeting – running your ads on specific channels or even on any specific youtube video! This is amazing for pinpointing your exact audience – especially with videos that address the exact topics that relate to your product or service. If Youtube ads did not generate a positive Return On Investment (ROI) for advertisers, nobody would advertise on the platform. So you know it works; especially if you are seeing the same ads again and again.

Your ads need to hook the audience quickly as you are interrupting something that they had already decided they wanted to watch. And hooking the viewer in the first 5 seconds is an art form in its own right.

This is an in-depth topic as there are various types of Youtube ads – including TrueView, Bumpers, Discovery and In-Stream. If you are into this method then there are numerous tutorials out there on how to use YT ads and no need for us to reinvent the wheel.

13 – Rent Out / Sell Links From The Description Box On Your Own Videos

Underneath every Youtube video is a description box, which gives you space for around a page of text. You can place as many links as you want in that box! This is a fantastic piece of “real estate” that you should be using to drive traffic and interconnect your other social media properties and even your other videos! But there is a further way to make money here: If you have some videos with high view counts, you may be able to find people who want to pay for a link in that box.

14 – Rent The About Box Of Other People!

Many Youtubers have high views but need money – especially those who got demonetized! You can contact video owners and make them an offer to drop your link and your “call to action” / promo text in the information box on the video. This can be a great way to get cheap traffic and with a good call to action, many people will click those links.

Most people who upload videos to Youtube are not professionals or business owners. Consequently, there are many, many videos which have high view counts but are not making use of that box. Many of them may not even know what it is worth and will be delighted to make some easy cash. The goal is of course to spend less on the traffic than you are generating in return.

15 – Build An Email List

Use the description box to promote (typically) a free offer, which people have to sign up for the email list to download. Once people are on your email list you can run other promotions to them. You can also promote other people’s email lists and do “lead generation” – getting paid per lead. For more info see our full free tutorial on email marketing.

16 – License Your Video Content

Some “aggregator” channels are looking for successful videos that they can place on their own channel to increase their own subscriber and view counts. They may offer a flat fee or a cut of ad revenue.

There are several platforms now where you can license the use of your video content. For example imagen.io and jukinmedia.com.

If you happen to have made a “viral video”, or have an amazing clip, there is the potential to make good money licensing it to the media. This is a special scenario. You probably don’t have this kind of content because it is not the norm. But if you have something that ‘goes berserk’, for example important / news-worthy footage, then there are great opportunities – for the simple reason that this is exactly what major media channels are looking for. It will predictably get a strong reaction when they license it and their goal essentially is to run the strongest stories they can, because “clicks equals money”.

17 – Manage The Youtube Channels Of Others

Once you have the skill set for creating your own Youtube channel, you are in a prime position to sell this service to others – either online or local businesses. The more successful your channel, the greater your leverage. Channel creation, channel management and comment moderation are services that you could offer.

18 – Create Custom Content For Existing Successful Channels

If you are a film maker, video production professional or production house, you can work as a freelance video creator / editor supplying content to successful channels or Youtube video advertisers. Again, they may offer a flat fee or a cut of ad revenue.

There Are Only Four Ways To Make Money In This World. Here Is The One You Should Be Doing

There Are Only Four Ways To Make Money In This World

There are just four fundamental ways to make money. The rest is details.

I know. It sounds over simplistic; but I can guarantee you that understanding this will set you on your correct path to wealth. These principles can be observed in every money making method in the world. But only one of them should be followed. If everyone in the world did this, we would arguably have far fewer problems to deal with. Ok, let’s get down to it. Here are the four archetypal ways of making money:

1. Appeal To Sympathy
2. Extortion
3. Gambling / Speculating
3. Creating Value

1. Appeal To Sympathy

Imagine if Apple created a crap iPhone that didn’t work. The apps crashed when you tried to load them and the buttons fell off. But then they pleaded with you to buy it because they needed the money.

Do you think anyone would buy it??

Of course not. The phone sold by the million because of its awesome design, functionality and advanced features.

No sympathy required.

An extraordinary number of people play the sympathy card in one form or another in order to attempt to get what they want. It may work, sometimes, and it may even be “necessary” for some… but it is not a great strategy. Now there are of course people who genuinely deserve help and care, but those who are young, healthy and able bodied should not be attempting to appeal to sympathy in any way whatsoever in order to get money. First – because why should someone else work hard so that you can benefit without contributing value? Also, appealing to sympathy can become a kind of dependency. You appeal to sympathy, get money, and then the habit becomes ingrained and you don’t develop skills, so you end up with fewer options other than to appeal to sympathy. The final result of this piteous course through life is that you would become a skilled manipulator who is always dependent on others. You would become ever more needy until you decide to either change or die. There, was that dramatic enough? 🙂 Second, appealing to sympathy makes you a nuisance. If you don’t contribute value, people would rather be rid of you than associate with you. It’s harsh but let’s be honest, it’s true.

Remember Machiavelli’s maxim to “appeal to their self-interest, not to their sympathy”. People as a general rule are interested in what’s in it for them.

2. Extortion

This word summarizes the practice of obtaining money by some form of deception or forcefulness. Now at least with sympathy, the other person has the opportunity to say no, but the criminal does not give that option. Whether it is falsifying scientific research in order to sell pharmaceuticals, or robbing old ladies, the principle is the same and relies on a disregard for the welfare of the other. Extortion is for losers and ultimately fails because selfishness eventually brings about the doom of its perpetrator – either through legal consequences, revenge or both. You may think that piling up gold is all that matters, but even if we disregard the consideration of morals, this is a strategic error. The reason is simple: You do not want to find yourself in a position where people would prefer you were dead than alive; and this is the end result of extortion. Think about it.

3. Gambling / Speculating

Now of course you can make money this way. But let’s be honest, it is parasitic. You do not create anything of value:

“We don’t create shit!”

Whether you are working the casino, the Forex markets, flipping real estate without improving it, or some other form of arbitrage, the principle is the same: You are extracting wealth from the marketplace by exploiting price differentials. You are moving money from one place to another. But you are not actually generating value. Your gain is someone else’s loss. You are not making the world a richer place.

Now of course it is popular – because it can be highly lucrative and “fast money” is always going to be desired by many. But there is a dark side to this form of wealth acquisition: You don’t improve. Your self-development in critical areas stops. It also leads to a cynical outlook – as illustrated so superbly in the Wolf of Wall Street scene.

As the saying goes, even if you win the rat race you are still a rat.

Note of course that value investing is different. In this case, you buy stock in a company and their stock offering gives them working capital to expand and to create things that have value for others. Your investment is enabling prosperity and growth. This leads us neatly on to #4…

4. Creating Value

If you create something that is extraordinary, better, faster, cheaper, innovative, helpful and so on, you will have customers. The premise is simple and follows the maxim laid down by Zig Ziglar: “You can have anything in this world that you want if you give other people enough of what they want”.

But what does it take to create value? The first step is to become valuable yourself. Skills, knowledge and other virtues are required in order to create value for others. So it is necessary to “invest in yourself” first and put in the diligence.

This process of investing in yourself the right way leads to a harmonious life and it leads to your star rising. As you develop yourself you become more valuable to those around you. People want to deal with you, and your abilities grow. It’s the true win-win and honestly, as much as I would love for it not to be true in some ways (because who doesn’t love easy money?), if everyone operated this way we really would be living in a better world.

Excellence, as was said, is not an act but a habit. So the time to start… is now.

19 Legit Ways To Make Money From Your Cellphone – FREE In Depth Mega-Tutorial!

19 Legit Ways To Make Money From Your CellphoneGraphic: Makingwealth.info. Background image – Pixabay.

We’ve gone big once again and smashed it with another monster free tutorial… you are going to love this one!


The modern smartphone is a device without parallel in all of human history. This pocket-sized wonder connects you potentially to over a billion people, to pretty much the sum total of human knowledge and to countless opportunities to get paid.

That’s incredible.

There are now a mountain of ways to make money from your phone and the opportunities out there now are absolutely amazing. Researching and preparing this tutorial, I was truly blown away. When I was young and broke, (we are talking pre-internet days here) there was NOTHING like this. Unlocking these income streams is a potential passport to a much more free lifestyle as you are truly not tied to one place! Please make the most of this extraordinary opportunity to take control of your future!

Stuff That Doesn’t Count: First, let’s take the trash out. Many of the existing lists of ways to make money from your phone are extremely weak. I was disappointed to see the huge pile of absolute garbage out there on this topic. (But also realized that we could blow them completely out of the water with a proper tutorial 😉 )

But seriously, most of the methods that these weak tutorials are proposing are a pointless waste of time.

For example, earning points for playing games that you can then redeem for Amazon gift cards. That is time that could be spent more profitably.

Or downloading some ridiculous app onto your phone that spams you with ads… and in return for your self-inflicted suffering you get points. And if you waste enough time you can earn a few dollars! Seriously, forget that.

We also ruled out apps that give you cash rewards for shopping – because you are spending money, not earning it. That does not count as income. It is incentivized shopping. Sure, if you really already shop with those services then go ahead and sign up. But you know they are doing it to encourage you to spend money, not make money.

We are only interested in ways to make real money. Not debt consolidation services, shopping rewards or gift cards. Cash money. The good news is we found loads! You know how we roll…. we have sifted through them and added a ton of our own ideas to bring you the best of the best. So let’s get cracking!

1. Teaching, Tutoring, One-on-One Mentoring Via Your Phone

The personal tutoring / coaching / mentoring business is now absolutely huge and people LOVE one-on-one coaching, especially from someone who has high status in their estimation. There are numerous options here and this is quite an in depth topic – but one with unlimited potential.

If you are already in the business of coaching, sharing knowledge or teaching and have an online presence, you can offer / promote one-on-one mentoring through your website or social media accounts.

Mentoring can often be a simple as a half hour phone call once per week. And people love to have a mentor who is “there for them” when they are going through struggle, or simply when they are out there somewhere in the world.

For this of course you don’t need some exotic app beyond simple communication apps which allow phone, text or video conferencing. You also need a simple app that allows you to receive payments, such as PayPal.

Google Hangouts allows you to create free videoconferences for up to 10 people, but can also record the session via YouTube and then turn it into an archived presentation!

Skype is of course well known and permits calls, chat and video chat.

There are also various online tutoring apps which have a ‘marketplace’ that connects students to experts 24/7 and help them find a teacher ideally suited to their needs. Individual requirements vary but I have linked the page for tutors to sign up. Examples include:

Teaching a language: I know someone who does this and earns a great hourly rate. She has conversations via Skype in English with people who are learning and want to improve their conversational English skills. There are numerous companies that are looking for tutors to chat with students but many of these require the use of a computer, webcam and headset. However there are ways to do this with a phone only: You could for example promote your services through Fiverr – I see many people offering language lessons via phone there. Here’s a great additional tutorial we found for teaching English via Skype.

2. Driver / Courier / Delivery Services

Got wheels? There are plenty of mobile phone apps now that can connect you and your trusty chariot with opportunities to make money.

Uber and Lyft – depending on where you live, you can make a living driving for these well known services, which connect people who need transportation with people who drive. A good tip for drivers is to plan your availability around special events in your local area and times when there is unusually high demand.

Kango – Provide rides, carpool and childcare for kids.

Postmates (USA major cities) – you collect people’s shopping or their mail and deliver it to their house! You don’t have to have a car, you could walk if it is nearby.

Grubhub. Estimated to pay around $13 per hour, Grubhub enables drivers to make money delivering from various restaurants to local customers. You get paid per order, plus 50 cents per mile, plus you get to keep any tips that you receive.

Uber just rolled out UberEats which allows drivers to fill in their schedule with deliveries when demand for rides is slow.

DoorDash is another food delivery opportunity (major cities in USA and Canada).

Amazon Flex app. Available in the USA and the UK. You don’t have to drive people around to make money from your car. You can deliver their Amazon packages. 18+. Website claims you can earn $18 to $25 per hour.

Roadie. “Roadie is an on-the-way delivery service that connects people with stuff to send to drivers already heading that way.”

Instacart. You shop for people and deliver their shopping to their house. You need to be 21+ if their shopping order includes alcohol.

Fluid Truck Share. “Earn $5k-$25k per year by renting out your truck.” USA based. Available on the web or for iOS devices.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a tried and tested way to make money; typically through a) publishing great content b) building an authoritative body of work c) building a following and promoting via social media and d) running advertising and affiliate promotions for automated income. Blogging was my first truly successful business and it is still going strong.

You are not at all tied to the computer! You can get an inexpensive bluetooth keyboard for iPhone and iPad (Amazon link), link it to your phone and do your writing from wherever you are.

WordPress is the premier blogging platform and yes, WordPress is available for iOS and for Android!

Check out our full tutorial How To Build Internet Income That Will Keep Coming In For Life for a bit more detail on this topic.

4. Instagram

Instagram is of course a social media platform that was essentially designed around the mobile phone. Although many will use a computer to process their images and manage the account, for example through a desktop app such as Flume, you can run your Instagram account entirely from your phone and if you build a significant following (or even if you do not!), there are various revenue opportunities. We have an in depth free tutorial for making money on Instagram.

5. Youtube

You can run your youtube account entirely from your mobile phone and make money from it through Youtube’s built-in ad platform or through other various methods such as sponsorships, product reviews and more. YouTube Creator Studio app is available for Android users and for iOS. It allows you to manage everything from your mobile phone.

Famebit This app is a way to get sponsorships and works well for people who already have a Youtube following.

Look out for our full tutorial on making money on Youtube, coming soon!

6. Virtual Assistant / Online Tasks

There is an enormous global marketplace now for online workers and numerous apps / websites that facilitate the connection between employers and workers.

Now of course many of the typical outsource tasks, such as graphic design, will be more laptop-oriented than phone-oriented but there are a number of these tasks that can be done from a phone. There are also plug-in or bluetooth keyboards for iPhone and iPad (Amazon link) which give you full text functionality – so writing tasks, proof reading etc can be performed without a laptop. If you want something a bit more futuristic then there is the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth.

You can also make money online hiring virtual assistants to work for you and accomplish tasks for your business. That opens up another whole field of money making possibilities!

Here are a few Virtual Assistant apps:

Upwork is one of the best known freelancer websites.

Fiverr is a well known online marketplace for freelancers, named after the fact that it focuses primarily on smaller tasks, starting at $5.

Mechanical Turk. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace for repetitive online tasks. Many of the tasks are best performed from a computer however there may be some mobile friendly tasks.

OnlineJobs.ph. I have had great success hiring from OnlineJobs. Geared towards Filipino VAs.

7. Receiving Tips And Donations

There are numerous apps / online platforms that allow you to receive tips and donations.

Tipgenie.io impressed the heck out of me… ohh, how I love this! Here’s how it works: TipGenie provides you with a QR Code which acts as a “virtual tip jar”. You can display this in printed media, on a website, on signage – anywhere that you have visible “real estate”.

What is fantastic is that the tipper does not have to download an app! Android and iOS 11+ smartphone cameras will automatically recognize the QR code and take the person through to a tipping screen, powered by checkout.stripe.com. They will need to enter Card information (unless they have used the service before and have their information stored) and then it’s just another tap of the screen to send you cash.

Patreon – Described as “the best way for artists and creators to get sustainable income”… this well known crowdfunding / “virtual tip jar” app can be used to receive donations for whatever it is that you are doing. Works best if you already have a social media presence or have a way to build one. You can build a Patreon following and offer custom content in multiple tiers depending on the level of contribution.

SubscribeStar – described as “The most convenient, transparent and advanced platform for getting sustainable income and connecting with your auditory and fans.” In the days of “deplatforming” and “demonetization” that are sadly now upon us, services such as this are vital revenue streams for online content creators of all kinds. Similar to Patreon, subscribers can send a tiered monthly amount to support your work.

Note that you can use an online QR Code Generator (such as the one linked; there are tons) to create a custom QR code for any URL, enabling you to provide a way for people to connect directly to your Patreon, SubscribeStar or other donation app from anywhere.

Paypal Donate Buttons – one of the first – if not the original grandaddy of digital fundraising options – I thought had better include this. Not sure if this can be set up from mobile, to be honest, but these buttons enable people to show you some love for your content when they are browsing from their phone or laptop.

8. Trading (Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stock, Options etc)

(note – you can lose money as well as make money trading. Standard disclaimer, this is not financial advice nor a recommendation to buy or sell.)

Cryptocurrency trading platforms offer the opportunity to trade, for real, using their online trading platforms. Many of these exchanges, such as OKEX and Binance have excellent phone apps that you can use to execute your trades.

One of the things that is great about this is that if you are trading, you often have to keep one eye on the screen waiting for optimal buying or selling conditions to occur. And not all situations are conducive to pulling out your laptop and working from there. However if you install the phone app you can trade easily in many circumstances that would not otherwise work. There is the potential to make (or lose) a lot of money using these apps and full disclosure, I have had some of my best and some of my worst days online cryptocurrency trading. There is a skill set to learn. However you don’t have to risk big money. You can start small – for example with $50 and see if you can grow it. And if you cannot grow $50 then you should not be risking big money anyway. So in order to minimize your risk, don’t start with your life savings, start small with $50-$100 and see how much you can grow your money.

Robinhood app enables you to trade stocks, ETFs, options and cryptocurrencies from your smartphone (or desktop) using Robinhood app – commission free! There may be some regulatory trading fees, account maintenance and transfer fees.

9. Investment and Loans

Acorns app is a very simple app that enables you to invest money passively in Mutual Funds, earning interest on your savings! Reported interest is around 2-5% which is considerably higher than a typical bank savings account. You can round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invest the difference in “smart portfolios”. You can also set up recurring monthly investments.The app gives you a projected returns graph.

Mylo is a similar investment service (Canada based)

Lending Club Investor is an Android App for Lending Club that enables you to provide “micro loans” to borrowers, earning monthly returns. Annual returns are claimed to be as high as 25% but typically 3%-8%.

10. Call Center Agent

Now I would to want to spend all day on the phone – but if you are interested in customer service there are opportunities such as Working Solutions. According to their website, Working Solutions’ website, “Agents have earned the equivalent of anywhere from $9 an hour to $30 USD an hour, depending on the program.” I am not sure how many of these services require a computer but it is something to investigate.

11. Selling Your Stuff

There are numerous apps nowadays that help you get some fast cash coming in from getting rid of your old stuff. Have a clearout of those old books you will never read, DVDs, phones etc and make some quick money. Here are a few examples:

WeBuyBooks.co.uk (UK Based).
BookScouter (textbooks)

CDs, DVDs, Games:
Decluttr – this app allows you to sell old CDs, DVDs, video games and other electronics for cash. You scan the items and get a quote. If you agree to the price they send you a shipping label, you ship the items and then when they receive the items you get paid within 24 hours!
Ziffit – books, CDs, DVDs and games

Poshmark – designer and brand name clothing.
ThredUp – secondhand clothing.
Depop – accessories, collectibles, clothes.

Homemade Goods:
Etsy. Perfect for selling stuff that you make.

General Items:
Letgo. USA based. This intuitive phone app allows you to photograph an item, write a description and list an item for sale quickly.
eBay – yes eBay has a phone app that enables you to upload listings.
5Miles “a simple, secure environment where buyers and sellers can easily trade goods from the palm of their hand.” User ratings and a verification system adds a level of security that is not seen on for example Craigslist.
Mercari – “almost anything”
Facebook marketplace

12. Stock Photography

Now this is a great additional revenue stream. Your phone is probably full of a gigantic pile of photos just sitting there. Some of them might be awesome and have some value! Foap is a stock photography website which has an app for adding your photos to the online marketplace. You get $5 for everyone who buys the use of your photo. The number of people who can buy the use of one photo is unlimited. Try also:
Adobe Stock

13. Local Tasks

There are some interesting apps now that connect you to local tasks. There are potentially hundreds of jobs in your own city that you can gain access to and either build up a full schedule or simply add a few jobs on the side to boost your existing income.

Handy allows you to sign up as a professional cleaner, electrician, handy person, plumber, lawn care specialist and more, earning a decent rate of pay.

Gigwalk connects you to “Gigs” – local tasks that can take anywhere form 5 minutes to a few hours and make from $3 to $100 or more. Everything is gone through the Gigwalk app! And Gigwalk links through to your PayPal, so that once a task is finished and approved you get the money sent directly.

TaskRabbit connects Taskers with customers to perform various tasks including furniture assembly, cleaning, heavy lifting painting and assisting with removals.

EasyShift offers the opportunity to find quick tasks such as checking prices and reviewing promotions at local stores and shops in the USA and UK.

Field Agent “crowdsources shoppers’ smartphones to furnish consumer packaged goods, retailers, and agencies with in-store photos and video, retail information, and shopper insights.” What this means for you is that the Field Agent app provides opportunities to accomplish assignments in your local area such as taking photos of store displays, scanning bar codes or researching prices. It pays via PayPal.

iSecretShop. Self explanatory. “Get paid to shop, dine out, share your thoughts, and help businesses improve their service quality”.

There are many others that don’t pay cash but offer gift cards, however we are focusing on the ones that pay cash money. 😉

14. Pet Care

DogVacay, Wag and Rover are apps that connect pet sitters and dog walkers with dog and cat owners. These are well developed apps that provide a great opportunity for animal lovers with a stable home environment to generate an extra income. Glancing at the listing, you can expect to earn perhaps $30-40 per night providing boarding for people’s dogs and the service is available on iOS and Android as well as through the regular web.

15. Surveys And Consumer Research

Another opportunity to generate income directly from your mobile phone… these services allow users to complete online surveys for money or other rewards such as gift cards. There are tons of these and you can of course sign up with more than one. Options include:

Nielsen pays $50 per year to run their app in the background, collecting anonymous data on your internet usage.
Survey Junkie
Respondent connects people from all walks of life to in-person surveys and interviews that pay cash. From cat owners to patrol car drivers. There are also options including software testing. Some of these offers pay up to $150 for an hour’s task and $100 per hour is not uncommon.
User Interviews
Google Opinion Rewards. Get PayPal credit or Google Play rewards for completing short surveys.
Inbox Dollars – this phone app allows you to take surveys, play games and refer other users to make money.
Swagbucks has surveys as well as other simple online tasks.
iPoll. Answer questions from your mobile phone about the products and services you use and get paid either in PayPal, Apple App Store credits or Amazon gift cards.
Opinion Outpost
Rewardable allows you to complete simple tasks including watch videos, complete surveys, give produce feedback and visit retail stores. It pays via PayPal.
Vindale Research
Surveys On The Go

16. Lock Screen Apps

Ok, ok. I said I would not put in anything that involved ads on your phone. But this one is ultra simple and can make you a few extra bucks in return for a minor nuisance! These apps place ads on the lock screen of your phone and you get paid on those ad views. It is reported that this can earn $5-15 per month. Not a lot but it all adds up and then you can redeem either in cash to PayPal or major brand gift cards. Options include Slidejoy, Fronto.

17. Testing Apps And Games

Signing up with GamingJobsOnline allows you to test video games and then review the game. They claim that you can make $39,000 per year but I don’t see this as something you would want to do full time! But there are plenty of times in life where you are stuck waiting – and you could

UserTesting offers “up to $60 per test” to visit websites or apps, complete tasks and share your thoughts about the app. The website claims that you can earn $10 via PayPal for each 20-minute task you complete… this is a pretty good income!

Utest claims to be “the #1 destination for freelance software testing and feedback”. Some of the projects listed on their “projects board” look very interesting! Many projects tailored towards Android or iOS device users but there are other very diverse projects on offer.

18. AirBnB

If you have a spare room or entire property available, Airbnb enables you to rent it short term to make potentially very good money, The Airbnb app enables you to manage your listing from your phone, however there is a fair amount of work involved in running an Airbnb rental. This can of course be outsourced and there are various companies that manage Airbnb listings turnkey if required. Another interesting option is Parking Panda app (USA and Canada) that enables you to rent your parking space from your mobile phone.

19. Bitcoin Mining

Yes you can mine cryptocurrencies “in the background” on your mobile phone, using apps such as MinerGate to mine cryptos and make money. Your mining rewards may also grow (or fall!) in value as the value of the cryptocurrency rises or falls. You won’t get rich from this, and you will have to take electricity costs into consideration; but if you are in a location where you can charge your phone for free, either from a solar panel or from someone else’s electricity (don’t do this illegally of course), then you can generate some funds.

If you have a powerful computer or mining rig then you can earn more, but the same rule of electricity consumption applies: The amount you can earn mining will perhaps be similar to the amount spent on electricity. However if you live in a cold location and are using electricity to heat your space, you could generate that heat through mining instead.

Other mining apps to investigate include Crypto Miner, Easy Miner, Coinhive.

20 (Bonus): SMS Promotions

I almost forgot! Email marketing (see our full email marketing tutorial here) is a tried and tested internet business method. However a modern twist on this is SMS marketing. This is worth a tutorial in its own right. Text message (SMS) campaigns can of course be run entirely through your phone, and you can send your subscribers links to promotions, your own products or online content. There is also the possibility to run SMS campaigns for local businesses if you get good in this field.

Wrap Up:

There you go. Absolutely TONS of opportunity. Don’t of course try to do everything on this list, there is simply too much here. But you can see how this document might help you open up a “mobile lifestyle” and make money without being chained to a desk or even tied to one country. It’s all there for the taking. A couple of quick disclaimers, this is not financial advice or a get rich quick scheme, some of these methods have the potential to lose money (i.e. currency trading). And don’t forget to keep records and file your taxes because this income is of course all still taxable.